Best Food for Weight Loss?

The best food for weight loss has high fiber, high protein, and low fat. The fiber is good for weight loss because it passes through you undigested, but makes you feel satiated. The protein is good for weight loss because protein compounds tend to be much more complex than carbohydrate or fat compounds, and so the body has to spend more calories breaking down their more complex compounds. The low-fat aspect is the obvious one — fat has 9 calories per gram versus only 4 calories per gram for carbohydrates or protein, so foods that are low in fat tend also to be lower in calories.

Given these 3 characteristics of the best food for weight loss, what is the very best food for losing weight: BEANS. Beans are high fiber, high protein, and low fat. They are also the one food common to all 5 of the so-called Blue Zones.

Liquid Meals

Weight Control

Not weight loss but weight control — what can you do to stabilize your weight, not to lose weight per se, but instead to help ensure that it doesn’t creep back up?

One thing that I do is once a week, on a designated day that I know I’m obligated to use for that purpose, I have a low-calorie day. I shoot for 550+ calories lower than what I usually eat (Cronometer helps a lot with this). Tuesday is my low-calorie day, and I usually eat the same assortment of foods, which tend to be very low in fat calories. But there are little nuances on that particular day that help me get to minus 550 calories. For instance, instead of my usual 3 prunes I only have 2, instead of 2 figs, just the 1. Instead of my usual mouthful of walnuts, I’ll skip nuts entirely, and have an extra slice of lean turkey. With enough of these nuances, it is surprisingly easy to have such a low-calorie day — and you don’t feel deprived.

Having such a lean day one day a week means that on those other days when you inevitably go “over budget,” sort of speak, it all gets compensated for in the end — and the weight stays amazingly stable, no longer so erratic.

Omega 3 Fat Hurdles

Weight Loss

Weight loss from 198 to 155 in one year. Nutritarian diet (Joel Fuhrman) with intermittent fasting.

I’ve recently found that baked potatoes are also a useful tool, as they are filling and very low in fat. Having days with a very low number of grams in fat really accelerates weight loss. It may not be true that “fat makes you fat,” but it is clearly true that low fat will make you skinny because low-fat days tend also to make for low-calorie days.

What Don’t You Know?

Losing Weight

How many times have I read the exact same post in Facebook but with slightly different words: I’m doing everything right but am not losing any weight — why?  The body has its own timetable for weight loss.  For one thing, the metabolism tends to counter everything a person does.  So if you eat significantly fewer calories, for instance, the metabolism will slow down to counter that.  However, no matter what tricks the metabolism plays, if you have a sustained program for weight loss, the weight will come off at some point.  But if you give up in frustration, it won’t.

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