“Truth in Boxing”

Have you ever noticed that when you open a box of breakfast cereal and look inside, a third to up to half of the box is actually empty, that is, nothing but air? What is actually happening here? Clearly the producers are telling you that you are buying a larger amount when you view the size of the box itself from the outside compared to the amount of cereal in the box that you actually get.

This is no doubt good for the producer because, in selling you less product than you think you are buying, they are reducing their cost than if the box were full. On the other hand, it is clearly bad for the consumer, and represents arguably deceptive and misleading selling.

There was a phase in consumer-protection history when we had a campaign called “truth in advertising” because the permitted ads were so deceptive and misleading. Is it time for something called “truth in boxing”? Or do you want to continue to pay for air when you think you are buying breakfast cereal?

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