Baby Potatoes

Recipe for roasting baby potatoes in the oven:

Wash the potatoes with tap water.

Dry them on a cutting board.

In a large bowl, pour in liquid aminos (for some salt), balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and dollops of mustard.

Add almond flour to the mixture.

Cut the baby potatoes in half and place them in the bowl.

Tumble them around so that they are all saturated.

Sprinkle on garlic powder.

Sprinkle heavy doses of Dash Garlic and Herbs.

Place baby potatoes flat side down on parchment paper using a pizza pan.

While the baby potatoes are still wet, sprinkle on generous amounts of sesame seeds.

Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.

Place potatoes in the oven and cook for 45 minutes – or until the skins are crispy (from the almond flour).

Eat the baby potatoes the way they are or with smears of Gotham Greens Vegan Pesto.

Note: there is significant nutrition in the skin of a potato, particularly iron, so that eating mashed potatoes where the skin is tossed out significantly reduces the potato’s nutritional value, as in approximately cutting it in half.

Potatoes are a rich source of fiber, iron, vitamin C, and B-6.  Given their fiber content (which fiber passes through you but also feeds and promotes healthy gut bacteria) and low-fat content (so a volume of baby potatoes has comparatively few calories but makes you feel satiated), they are an excellent complex carbohydrate for losing weight.

Best Food for Weight Loss?

Best Food for Weight Loss?

The best food for weight loss has high fiber, high protein, and low fat. The fiber is good for weight loss because it passes through you undigested, but makes you feel satiated. The protein is good for weight loss because protein compounds tend to be much more complex than carbohydrate or fat compounds, and so the body has to spend more calories breaking down their more complex compounds. The low-fat aspect is the obvious one — fat has 9 calories per gram versus only 4 calories per gram for carbohydrates or protein, so foods that are low in fat tend also to be lower in calories.

Given these 3 characteristics of the best food for weight loss, what is the very best food for losing weight: BEANS. Beans are high fiber, high protein, and low fat. They are also the one food common to all 5 of the so-called Blue Zones.

Liquid Meals

Diverse Meals That Look Alike

Every meal I make looks identical. On top is a thick layer of leaf greens diced finely and sprinkled with real lemon juice. So what you see is this mound of green. Every dish the same. Because, from a nutritional point of view, those leafy greens are the all stars. They are in a different league than anything else. You do yourself a disservice not to include them in every meal…and in some quantity.

Which Camp?

My Brown, Not Green, Smoothie

I consider the smoothie I make in a large Vita-Mix that lasts up to 3 days one of my most nutritious meals.  That smoothie and a huge salad that also lasts days are the basic infrastructure of my overall diet, as they are both done virtually every week.

The ingredients that go into this smoothie have been added incrementally over the years so that now making one is quite a complex operation where I have to keep many things in store and ready to add.   The same is true of the salad, but with the salad there is much more variability, as I like to eat at least a slightly different version each time.  Here using different dressings helps that variability.

I think most people should do the same, that is, develop a complex and super nutritious smoothie as well as a complex and super nutritious salad, and make these two staples the mainstay of your diet.

My Story


If you were using Cronometer and really understood what your nutritional profile looked like, chances are pretty good that it would turn up an iodine deficiency. I’ve been using Kelp as a way to address this issue. Do you know if you have an iodine deficiency, and if you do, what you would use to correct it?

Carbs Not The Devil

Saturated Fat

The great dividing line in nutrition is over the issue of saturated fat. There are those who think it is causal and highly correlated to heart disease, and should be avoided or minimized to the extent possible in order to keep one’s ticker going along smoothly. And there are those on the other side of that dividing line who think this assertion is nonsense, and saturated fat is no more harmful than any other fat. Where you align yourself on this critical issue has a major impact on the type of diet you carve out as prudent relative to your health.

There is no question that I align myself with the former point of view, and go to great length to see that I consume as little of this dreaded substance as possible. So far, I haven’t had any heart issues at all, and think my dietary choices may be responsible.

It is interesting to me and perfectly understandable that Beyond Meat goes out of its way to emphasize their products have seriously less saturated fat than actual meat, and that their goal is to minimize saturated fat to the extent possible, which tells you which side of the dividing line they are on.


Nutrition Chaos

If you read widely in terms of nutrition, you see every claim made by a particular group will have counter claims made by opposing groups — each group having a set bias in terms of advocating a specific diet. So it is much like a war of competing claims. Therefore, there is little doubt that as a science, nutrition is perhaps the most controversial area of study, given this background of competing vested interests.

But there is little to doubt on one point that has been proven over and over again with statistically sound evidence from large-scale experiments — that the vegan, plant-based diet is the healthiest relative to longevity and overall health, and this by a large margin when compared to any other sort of diet.

So if you want to live a long life and in good health, the choice to do so — to the extent you can influence it — is absolutely clear.

Sadly, relatively few people make that choice because they don’t want to give up the foods they have come to enjoy — despite the consequences. The vast majority of people make a compromise with the devil sacrificing their health for pleasure.

Diversify Your Diet