Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Trump-initiated plan for settlement of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict — will it be successful?  Time will tell.

Trump Plan for Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Russia/China Alliance

The dogmatic anti-Putin American press, spurred on by the Democratic Party for purely political reasons, is driving the Russians into the arms of the Chinese.  Smart?  I think not.

Because of the sham Russian-collusion charge against Trump, he is kind of hemmed in relative to initiating a more conciliatory approach to Russia, which could counter such an alliance so unfavorable to the US.  But if he attempts that, that would tend to substantiate the allegation, so he won’t.

So the net result of all of this is that we face a much more formidable alliance now forming between democratic and Christian Russia (it does hold elections, and is no longer communist, by the way) and a totalitarian China — two very dissimilar countries whose only shared interest is the hostility of the US and therefore the menace of the US military.

This could have all been avoided.

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I’m wondering if Trump is going to give the Israelis the green light to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities?  The US has in its arsenal that bomb for deep penetration of the earth — the “bunker buster” — so the Iranians can’t just dig deep enough to protect their nuclear assets.

We’ve backed away from the agreement with the Iranians — the agreement is a bust, and the Iranians are busy again creating more nuclear material, yet Trump’s policy is still we won’t allow them to have a nuclear weapon.  Sanctions alone will not restrain the Iranians from developing a weapon.  Something’s got to give.

It’s an open question whether the world would be a safer place or actually more dangerous if the Israelis were to attack and destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities.  What do you think?

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