Tulips and Bitcoins

One wonders whether this mania with Bitcoins is exactly like the Dutch tulip bubble of the 1600s?

Tulips and Bitcoins

Bitcoin Breakout?

I think Bitcoin may make one of its huge up moves soon. Could be like what happened in 2017. Central banks around the world are diluting (as in trashing) their fiat currencies, while Bitcoin just had its 4 year halving, i.e., there are fewer Bitcoins now than before, so Bitcoins are becoming rarer just as debased fiat currencies are increasing exponentially.

Bitcoin has been in a huge consolidation pattern for some time now. The general view on such long consolidations is that when the breakout occurs, it will be very big, whether to the downside or the upside. Given the situation with central banks, I’m betting upside. Of course I have no crystal ball, and all of this is mere conjecture.  But if Bitcoin breaks to the upside, I’m all over it. The move in 2017 was parabolic, a rocket that went straight up — in just 60 days.  No sellers, all buyers, to the moon — that was 2017.  Will it happen again?

If it breaks above 12,000, we are off and running.

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