Illegal Aliens

The Democrats care more about illegal immigrants — and their potential votes — than they do about American citizens.

So now we have mass acceptance of all the illegal aliens (14 million? 20 million?) as full-fledged citizens without so much as any screening process at all. Looks like their illegal behavior paid off, allowing them to jump the line to get citizenship. I suppose that means the foreigners who got in line were suckers after all. I suppose it also means we have no real borders.

That’s government by Democrats. No question, we are now on a very downward trajectory as a nation. What California has become under their rule is what the rest of the country will become — and soon. The best days are behind us. The future looks very bleak and probably dangerous.


Illegal Aliens and Deportations

The Republican Party is asking the question, should all illegal aliens be deported?

I don’t think you can deport 22 million illegal aliens.  Just not practical.  But, in my opinion, they should go through a vetting process to stay here, and the ones with a felony or radical political views should be deported.  Vet them and give them a vetting card so they can stay, get a legit social security card, and apply for citizenship like anyone else, but they won’t be deported — unless they commit a felony.

Have a narrow 3-month window when illegal aliens can be vetted — a program with a time limit.  After the program ends, illegal aliens without a vetting card will be deported.

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