Amino Acids

Interesting fact: there are exactly 20 amino acids involved in making proteins in the body, 9 of which must be acquired through food — the so-called “essential” amino acids, but there are hundreds of other amino acids as well.

They now have refined the daily requirements for amino acids down to the individual 9 essential amino acids and how much of each one should take in — and which foods have the greatest amount for each.

Amino Acids

My Story


My more elaborate OMAD meal: bottom layer is barley/lentils soaked in tomato sauce with garlic powder, then mixed vegetables and broccoli and tomato/beans all mixed together, then chopped onion on top of that, then a layer of finely diced organic leafy greens, and top level mushrooms cooked in red wine.  Predominate taste is that onion/garlic/tomato paste combination.  The barley/lentils make it very hearty.  The cooked mushrooms in wine are a kind of meat substitute. 
I’m only missing the BS in GBOMBS.  But then I have a handful of pecans or almonds, and various berries for dessert.  Always blueberries.  I always finish with eating a lot of different fruits.  Meal takes from 1 hour to 2 hours, then 22/23 hour fast.