That Biden’s candidacy is being taken seriously is what is shocking.  Was given legs by the pandemic and its impact on Americans.

But if there are live debates, Trump will tear him apart.  So will be interesting to see if the Dems try to worm their way out of having debates.

Tale of Two Cities

If Dems Win…

If the Dems win in November, you’d better be ready to provide your own self defense, as in concealed carry. Country will quickly spin out of control. Cities in particular will be no place to live. All the younger residents in New York City now have no recollection of what the city was like in the 70s and well into the 80s. They have no idea how dangerous a city can become. Just have to look at Chicago today to see the future for cities if Dems take over. Trust me, you don’t want to be living in a large city if that happens.

Demise of New York City

Unholy Alliance

Unholy alliance for open borders between the Democrats who want the Hispanic/immigrant vote and corporations that want cheap labor.

Curious to see how “progressive” Democrats square open borders with their supposed support for American labor, as open borders leads to competition for jobs between illegal immigrants and American citizens, and guess which is willing to work for less.

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Impeachment Mania

Democrats in Congress are making themselves a laughingstock with yet another silly impeachment attempt.  But it sets a terrible precedent that you use the impeachment process to go after your political opponent — a lesson not lost on the Republicans.  Pity any president in the future whose opposition party controls both houses of Congress.  When and if that happens, this politics by impeachment will come home to roost, and it may well be a Democrat who walks the plank.

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