I can think of few presidents who are less racist than Donald Trump.  That smear is so unjustified.  But the race card is what the Dems always resort to, even when it is inappropriate.  The smear tells you more about the Dems than the person smeared.

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Spygate Against the Democrats

Spygate against the Democrats is going to have a lot more consequences than the hair-brained Russian collusion slur.  It’s all going to come out during the election year, and heads will roll this time.

Strikingly similar to Nixon and Watergate — one party spying on the other, but in this case actually using government agencies to do it.  Not covert like Nixon, but overt by the  Clintons.

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The Democrats and Their Ship of Fools

Wow, when you look through all these Democrat candidates for president, you find quite a handful of pure lunatics.  Of course the message is always free everything and who knows how we would actually pay for it all.

But the two candidates among them that I find kind of interesting are Tulsi Gabbard and Seth Moulton.  They both seem to have a mind of their own — versus just spouting a lot of doctrinaire left-wing ideology by rote — and they both seem to have a modicum of practicality in their positions, which is a rarity in the pie-in-the-sky Democratic Party.

In the debates, Tulsi Gabbard brought up legitimate issues concerning American foreign policy, while all the other candidates were pretty much mum about international affairs (like it doesn’t really matter, does it?).  And Seth Moulton stuck a pin in all the socialism baloney, pressing the need for taking the Democratic Party in a new but more practical direction.

But for most of these candidates, with so little grasp of reality, I would be afraid to let them manage a house party, let alone run the entire country — what a frightening thought!

Trump is going to cut through their malarkey like a hot knife through butter.

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Campaign Contribution

I made a campaign contribution to the Trump campaign.  Wasn’t much money but it was a first for me — I’ve never contributed any money before to any politician.  Never.

I like some of Trump’s policies but not all of them, but I’m definitely frightened by what I see among the Democrats — no borders, soft on crime, free everything, socialism, anti-free speech.  The next time we elect a Democrat as president will be perilous for the country, for Democrats have turned into ideologues with no common sense.

2020 is going to be an intense year in the US.  If you think 2016 was raucous, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I wonder if the intensity is going to cause violence and perhaps even assassination attempts by people who have been driven over the edge.  Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

But first the Democratic candidates will tear into each other.

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