Free Trade Isn’t Free

Democrats think free trade — where the US doesn’t use tariffs to protect domestic industries, as Trump did with steel and aluminum — is good for the country, but they don’t get that it produces unemployment in those areas affected by cheap foreign imports, and what you end up with is a huge rust belt of poverty and hopelessness. Free trade isn’t free.


One thought on “Free Trade Isn’t Free

  1. In regards to Canada-U.S. trade, especially natural resources, Republican and Democratic party administrations have both long habitually sided with U.S.-based business interests when dealing with Canada. Canada has not only sustained decades of dairy product harassment; similarly, consecutive U.S. presidencies have placed tariffs on imports of our softwood lumber, regardless of consistent independent (including international) trade-board rulings in Canada’s favor on this matter.

    Perhaps Canucks’ great neighbor south may always stick it to Canada thus, however unjustly, if only because they have the formidable weight and we have comparably little. And certain American big business interests insist upon it until Canada capitulates. Maybe we’re expected to get used to it, somewhat like the child stuck with the school bully whose concept of his/her fair share will always be three-quarters of the pie.


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