Health — No Accident

Health isn’t an accident, it is a choice. You make choices when it comes to nutrition, exercise, rest/sleep, etc. Make the right choices and you get health. If you make the wrong choices, then…

The person who smoked since their teenage years and died prematurely from lung cancer made the wrong choice. It was no accident, it was not fate, it was not in his genes. That person did it to himself.

If you eat a diet low in fiber, you will have intestinal issues and probably leaky gut, which leads to all the autoimmune disorders.

If you eat a diet high in meat and dairy, you are more likely to have heart disease, cancer, and intestinal issues.

If you eat a diet high in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, you are more likely to have heart disease.

If you eat a lot of refined sugar, refined flour, and processed foods, you are like to have significant weight gain, insulin resistance, and ultimately diabetes.

If you don’t discipline yourself and get regular exercise, you will subject yourself to all the major diseases.

If you don’t get regular and deep sleep, you are not allowing the body to repair itself, and you will suffer the consequences.

All of the above are choices. Make the right ones, not the wrong ones, for the sake of better health. It’s your choice.