China’s Benefit, Our Loss

China is emerging first from this coronavirus pandemic, and so will leap forward ahead of the rest of us economically.  They benefit who caused this curse.

No Virus

Max Lunacy

Democrat mayors who hate their police departments.  That’s about as crazy as it can get.  What you see in New York City and many other cities with Democrat mayors.  Half a million residents have left NYC, and the exodus is just beginning.

Democrat mayors should write a manual on how to ruin a city.  Beware if your city elects one.

Tale of Two Cities


Air Travel

Air travel in the future must address two issues, and it is very unclear how — how to protect passengers from infection while on board, and how to protect the receiving destination from potential infection by these same passengers.  Even when this pandemic subsides, those two issues remain, given that future pandemics can’t be ruled out and it is indisputable that the airplane is the main method of spreading infection.  The current mode of air travel is a recipe for disaster.  It has to change fundamentally.

The Coronavirus Good News


Anne Frank

Netflix has an interesting documentary about Anne Frank and the Holocaust. If you ever find yourself in Amsterdam, take the time to visit the annex where they hid.

Anne Frank’s Diary is one of the few books I’ve actually read twice.  It’s one of those remarkable books where you can hear the voice of the writer behind the words.

Anne Frank