Bird Song

On a quiet stroll, when there isn’t any wind to drown out their sound, listen to the bird calls as you walk along. You will walk from one original bird call to the next, and each will be unique and musical. If you keep your mind focused on the bird songs for the entire walk, you will hear quite an orchestration of musical notes. How many of these musicians would you overhear in an hour’s stroll? 25? 50? 100? But you have to stay focused.


Other Worlds

Astronomers believe that, of all the stars one can see in the clear night sky, well over half of them are not one star but 2 or more stars. We see these multiple stars as one star because they are so far away that they blur together or merge in our view of them.

It is also becoming increasingly clear that it is not at all uncommon for any star to have planets and their own solar system circling them, just like our own solar system circles our sun.

While we live in a solar system with only one star, there must be many solar systems that are under the influence and light of multiple stars, given that many seemingly single stars are actually multiple stars.

This raises the interesting idea that the planets in situations where there are multiple stars close together may not experience the day/night cycle that we experience because when these planets rotate they may always be facing sunlight, i.e., there is another paired star on the “nighttime” side.

Just imagine what that means. Such a world would never have our night, so inhabitants would never ever see stars. They would not know of the existence of the stars in the universe, and therefore would not have anything like a true understanding of the real universe. They would live in a bubble, in a world in effect encapsulated by sunlight, never ever able to see beyond that sunlight.

Another impact of not having the experience of ever having a night, that is, of always existing in daylight, is that their sleep/rest cycles would not be modulated, as ours is, by the day/night rhythm. So what would induce the need to rest/sleep in such a world where there was perpetual daylight? Or perhaps our type of sleep, ushered in by the darkness of night, would not exist there as well — the inhabitants of such a world might not experience our type of sleep at all. Our world is modulated by intense activity during daylight hours, followed by sleep/rest during the night, but without a night, their world might be this steady state of low-grade activity all the time, which might eliminate any need for sleep/rest.

A Little Joy

Biden and the Left-Wing Dems

America is now in real decline… Things will just get worse — and then even worse — from here. It’s over. Figure out how to protect yourself from a future that will include civil disorder on a large scale, with no help coming from the “authorities”. You are going to be on your own, as in left to your own devices. Have a gun for your own protection; know where you can get food if there is no distribution to grocery stores, as in keep at least a 3-6 month supply of canned and dry food; know where you can get water if the municipal water system breaks down and have a method for treating it; know what shelter you can rely upon if law and order really breaks down.

The Dems war on fossil fuels will lead to government regulation restricting their production in the US so this will mean that, with less supply, the cost of oil and natural gas will go up causing inflation — not just in the cost of energy but in the cost of all those myriad products where oil and natural gas play a significant role. We have already seen a significant rise in the cost of food, but this may explode.

Due to the massive increase in the welfare state to take care of all the unemployed, taxes will go up enormously for the wealthy but also for the middle class. This tax drain on available capital means there is much less available capital to underwrite new businesses and venture capital activities, which in turn means that our slow-growth economy in the last decade will become a no-growth or even contracting economy with fewer and fewer jobs created.

Open borders means the country will be flooded by poor immigrants from Latin and South America, and these immigrants will compete with lower- and middle-class Americans for fewer and fewer jobs. This poor immigrant will be willing to work for less than his counterpart American, so guess who gets the job? If you don’t have a specialized skill that sets you apart from everyone else, then you are also among those competing for jobs against these poor immigrants.

The height of this dystopia is a much higher inflation economy with fewer and fewer jobs and more and more unemployed seeking them. At some point, the staggering amount of government debt brings down both the dollar as well as a bankrupt federal government — the seemingly endless gravy train of government borrowing and spending finally comes to an end with a bang.

The worse this gets, the more the left-wingers will blame imagined racists, misogynists, fascists, alt-whatever, etc., as is their practice already — when it’s they who are the problem. The worse it gets, the greater the censorship imposed by the left-wingers, and the greater the imposition on our liberties. A police state with arbitrary central-government rule is the final cruel stage.

If this is what actually happens, would you want to remain here in the US? Where would you go?

Is all of the above overly pessimistic? Time will tell. But if you want to see what the US will look like in 10 years, you just have to look at what the Dems-controlled California has become today — extremely high taxes, high rates of extreme and widespread poverty, semi-bankrupt cities with tent cities everywhere for the homeless, low economic growth, mass exodus to other states to escape these conditions, etc. That’s our future under the left-wing Democrats. The lunatics are in charge, as the don’t understand the consequences of their actions or, if they do understand, they don’t care.

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