New Fruit for Me

Papaya. Best with lots of lime juice. You can eat the seeds and even the skin. High in fiber and good for the intestines. Try it.

Sugar and Cancer


I think my enjoyment and pleasure in eating fruit stems from a mild deprivation from my childhood. For some reason, we never seemed to have much variety in my home when I was a child. Oranges, bananas, and apples and that was about it. So now, all the other types of fruit available seem to me a kind of pleasant luxury that I can partake in, even though these other types are actually quite ordinary. Such is one of the gentle ironies in my life.

The thing about fruit is that, while it is comparatively high in sugar, it is also high in fiber, which mitigates the sugar issue to an extent. So a moderate amount of fruit in one’s diet, if one is a typical, non-diabetic individual, is excellent despite the high sugar content.

Carbs Not The Devil


How much fruit do you eat each day?  This was the fruit I ate today:

1 apple with cinnamon sprinkled on each half

1 orange

1 nectarine

1 banana

4 prunes

3 figs

1 small can (Doles) of crushed pineapple

blueberries covering the crushed pineapple

7 large strawberries

slices of cantaloupe

dried cranberries and goji berries sprinkled in a salad

This was a pretty typical kind of day for me fruit wise.  I might have 2 apples instead of 1 or 2 oranges.  But the above is typical for quantity and variety.  How about you?

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