Illegal Aliens and Deportations

The Republican Party is asking the question, should all illegal aliens be deported?

I don’t think you can deport 22 million illegal aliens.  Just not practical.  But, in my opinion, they should go through a vetting process to stay here, and the ones with a felony or radical political views should be deported.  Vet them and give them a vetting card so they can stay, get a legit social security card, and apply for citizenship like anyone else, but they won’t be deported — unless they commit a felony.

Have a narrow 3-month window when illegal aliens can be vetted — a program with a time limit.  After the program ends, illegal aliens without a vetting card will be deported.

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Illegal Aliens

Some people put the estimate of the number of illegal aliens in the US at 20 million.  Think about that — 20 million people who are here in the US who have never been vetted, and so we have no idea about their politics or to what extent they are law abiding.  This in an age of terrorism and gang culture.  Crazy.

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Unholy Alliance

Unholy alliance for open borders between the Democrats who want the Hispanic/immigrant vote and corporations that want cheap labor.

Curious to see how “progressive” Democrats square open borders with their supposed support for American labor, as open borders leads to competition for jobs between illegal immigrants and American citizens, and guess which is willing to work for less.

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Campaign Pledge

Trump needs to live up to his campaign pledge — build the wall and seal off our border with Mexico. And do something real about the 11 million illegal aliens, so that the country doesn’t get new ones.

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