Sugar and Cancer

They know that cancer tumors love sugar. They have actually seen how cancer cells hog sugar from normal cells.

It therefore stands to reason that, if you have cancer, you want to severely limit refined sugar of any type, and keep your carbohydrates extremely low, as these turn into glucose, a simple sugar.

5-Day Fast

Just Criminal!

I was walking the other day and picked up an empty plastic soda bottle someone had tossed negligently on the ground. I habitually look at the ingredient list of every food and so looked at the amount of sugar in this 12 oz. bottle. 73 grams — criminal! Just criminal!

Where is our government to prevent this kind of thing? Nowhere, that’s where — despite the epidemic of diabetes.



Sugar addiction is very common now, as the food industry when they took out fat and labelled everything “low fat” to get customers compensated by adding sugar to everything, which of course is a health disaster for the American public.

I always check the ingredient list of everything I buy and specifically the little subsection where they indicated whether there is “added sugar”. I want to see a zero there and even the claim on the package “No Added Sugar”. Some food companies are getting the message that added sugar isn’t healthy and are moving in that direction now.

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