Impeachment Ridicule

Impeachment nonsense is going to bury the Democratic Party in ridicule. They weren’t satisfied with being embarrassed the first time.

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Stock Market and Impeachment

Stock market is reacting as if the impeachment proceedings don’t even exist.  If it was taking them seriously, as the constitutional crisis that a real impeachment would represent, the market would be down at least 20% in bear market territory.  Instead, we see new highs daily.

So the collective wisdom of the market is saying this impeachment exercise by the Democrats is a complete sham.

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Impeachment Mania

Democrats in Congress are making themselves a laughingstock with yet another silly impeachment attempt.  But it sets a terrible precedent that you use the impeachment process to go after your political opponent — a lesson not lost on the Republicans.  Pity any president in the future whose opposition party controls both houses of Congress.  When and if that happens, this politics by impeachment will come home to roost, and it may well be a Democrat who walks the plank.

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