Impeachment Farce

Impeachment farce comes to its thankful end. You don’t impeach someone who is no longer in office. And what happened at the Capitol was all about a fraudulent election. The people were showing their ire about the fraud. Can you blame them? It would have been shameful had they not demonstrated by invading that building. American elections are supposed to be honest and above board. This one stunk to high heavens — and look what we are left with in the White House.

Circus Comes to Town

Circus Comes to Town

Impeachment trial against Trump, who has already left office, another example of Congress as circus. Blaming him for a popular demonstration against a fraudulent election means that Congress makes such demonstrations now illegal — i.e., you are not allowed to protest what your government does anymore, no matter how asinine its actions may be. Kind of in line with the new censorship. The new normal is a citizen with his mouth taped shut and his hands in handcuffs behind his back — that’s good citizenship today. The Dems think their impeachment-trial circus is winning them support, but very much the opposite is true because the half of the country that are Trump-supporters are going to react very bitterly to this political theatre and hijinks. So expect the divide of the country to just get wider and more vitriolic because of it.

Looking forward to the day Trump either starts his own social-media platform or joins Gab to start a steady stream of public rebuttals. Really do need a strong voice critical of this new leftist regime in Washington — their ideological policies are so completely lunie. Trump has at least half the country supporting him — probably much more if the election had been at all honest. So he has a “bully pulpit,” even if no longer the prez.

Distorted Reality

Stock Market and Impeachment

Stock market is reacting as if the impeachment proceedings don’t even exist.  If it was taking them seriously, as the constitutional crisis that a real impeachment would represent, the market would be down at least 20% in bear market territory.  Instead, we see new highs daily.

So the collective wisdom of the market is saying this impeachment exercise by the Democrats is a complete sham.

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Impeachment Mania

Democrats in Congress are making themselves a laughingstock with yet another silly impeachment attempt.  But it sets a terrible precedent that you use the impeachment process to go after your political opponent — a lesson not lost on the Republicans.  Pity any president in the future whose opposition party controls both houses of Congress.  When and if that happens, this politics by impeachment will come home to roost, and it may well be a Democrat who walks the plank.

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