Supreme Court and the Election

So what should the Supreme Court decide relative to the presidential election? My take is there is ample evidence that election fraud took place, and the results were therefore illegitimate. If so, I think the SC should call for a second round of voting in the 7 crucial swing states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona — just these 7 states, as the results in all the other states are pretty much uncontested. But this time around, perhaps the voting should be limited to in person voting — no mail in votes — and there has to be present in the counting of the votes representatives from both parties so that there are no shenanigans.

If Biden and the Democratic Party believe the first vote in these 7 crucial swing states was legitimate, they shouldn’t fear the results the second time around.


Democrat Smear Campaign

Just like the last time. Only this time they are smearing a woman. I doubt that the Dems will claim the nominee raped someone this time around, but you never know. Have to get more creative, I guess.

Whole thing just shows how nasty politics can get. You throw shit at your opponent and hope that some of it sticks — that’s politics. Republicans do it too.

If one expects anything different, you are living in La La Land.

They say there is no honor among thieves. What about politicians?

Smear Campaign