Benign Protest

The Antifa riots and incidents during the summer and fall were a lot more serious than this rather benign takeover of the Capitol building, but the Antifa rioters were given a pass, while the identified protesters of the Capitol building are being prosecuted rigorously. What a disparity! Clearly shows who controls the media. Making Antifa legit means that political violence is now the norm in American politics.

Storming the Capitol

Kent State Again?

Hopefully, Seattle won’t turn into another Kent State.  But this time, I would be on the side of the authorities and the police.  Antifa and anarchists are domestic terrorists, in my opinion.  Yet if  they go in with real force and many die, it would shock the country, just like Kent State did.  Nevertheless, the standard needs to be protest yes, riot no, and you don’t get to take over through mob rule — that’s not democracy.

Chicago and Police