Jumping Into A Puddle

If people don’t start to go back to work soon, despite the obvious risk, we are going to be looking at a depression with a capital “D”. Damned if you do; damned if you don’t. Sometimes in life there are no good choices but you still have to decide, like that famous photograph by Cartier-Bresson of a man jumping into a puddle.

Death Rates Compared


All the employment gains since 2008 have been erased totally,  in just a month and a half.  Yet the market keeps going higher.  Won’t last.  Hard times are coming.  There’s a wrecking ball going through state and local government budgets.  The virus was just the pin that popped the bubble — the bubble was there all along, fed by easy money from the Federal Reserve.  An unproductive, debt-ridden economy with market prices inflated to the hilt.  When this thing collapses, it is going to be epic.

Bale Out Nation

Gainfully Employed?

How many of the wage slaves out there are going to realize that they kind of like not having to work?

Before this pandemic fiasco was upon us, the number of gainfully employed in the US population among adults was 60.8%.  I suspect that after the fiasco, that number will shrink due to the above-mentioned reaction — some people will find being unemployed to their liking.

Bale Out Nation

Consequences for China