Wizard of Oz in Washington

Naz reaches all time highs. The pandemic never happened — thank you Federal Reserve. And this despite 40m now unemployed. Just like the magic feats of the Wizard of Oz — the Feds. We live in a world of smoke and mirrors where reality is hard to detect.


No More Recessions

Federal Reserve has now banned recessions — at a cost of 7 trillion.  There will be no more recessions.  So, in a sense, there is no longer any risk in investing in the stock market — it will always go higher, it will never really collapse.  Kind of like the ultimate in chrony capitalism, no?

The stock market and the bond market are completely phony, but they are the only game in town, so everyone plays them, especially since there is so much cheap money around to play them with — cheap money as in free money from the Federal Reserve.  It’s all insane, but what choice is there?

Financial Chicanery?