Where Are the Peacekeepers?

What one should be asking oneself about the conflict in Ukraine is where are the peacekeepers? It is obvious that a settlement of the dispute would be very beneficial to all the parties — Europe, Russia, and most of all Ukraine itself, for, if this war in Ukraine continues and no doubt escalates, the entire country will be ravaged.

But where are the third-party peacekeepers who might aid in brokering an agreement between Russia and Ukraine? No one seems to be stepping up to this task despite the clear benefits for all.

The areas of Ukraine that the Russian military has taken over have a majority of ethnic-Russians in their populations, so it isn’t unrealistic for these areas to be incorporated into Russia — that’s called democracy or rule by the majority. The deal would include the guaranteeing of the new borders of Ukraine against any further incursion by Russia, along with the compromise that Ukraine remains unaligned with NATO. Those are the obvious parameters of such an agreement.

Why would Ukraine entertain such an agreement with loss of territory? Because they are facing devastation to the middle and western parts of their country — currently relatively unscathed — as well as the loss of the entire coastline, including Odessa, so that Ukraine would become completely landlocked, and so no longer benefit as a lucrative transit point for the eastern trade route.

But instead of stepping up to encourage such an agreement, the West has elected instead to open the floodgates of military aid to Ukraine. Clearly, the West, egged on by the US, doesn’t want peace, but is willing to sacrifice Ukraine in order to debilitate Russia. That’s why there are no peacekeepers. The West is using Ukraine to wage covert war against Russia.

This will not end well for the West, certainly not for Ukraine.

Waging war, even indirectly, is an unpredictable animal. The current generation of would-be diplomats in the West seems to have forgotten this fact. And Kennedy’s sword-of-Damocles remark relative to the threat of nuclear war is still very pertinent today — perhaps more pertinent than ever.

Outbreak of War

Roubles, Not Dollars

Since Russia demanded to be paid in roubles for their natural gas and oil, the rouble has rebounded from its US-sanctions low and gotten all the way back to even. So one might say that the sanctions have proven to be a failure. And perhaps, worse than a failure, in that they have caused huge inflation in the West — because of the absence of Russian commodties — and even called into question the continued support for the petrodollar regime of the last 50 years.

The Russian also pegged their rouble to gold. So are we seeing the re-emergence of a gold standard and the demise of the all-powerful dollar?

More Ukrainian Lies/Propaganda

Neocons in Foreign Policy and Nuclear War

The neocons in foreign policy in the State Department won’t stop their endorsement of the unlimited expansion of NATO until we have a nuclear confrontation with Russia. Their obvious objective — a holdover from the Cold War — is to destroy Russia and break it up into small parts. But the ultimate result will instead be nuclear war.

What we really need in the US is a type of diplomacy that can see both points of view in any dispute, and that can see the greater gains to be had in peace and prosperity in the spirit of seeking compromise with our supposed adversaries. That sort of diplomacy has been sadly missing now for decades. It is seen as weakness, even though it should be seen as strength.

American Hatred of Russia

Nuclear Confrontation

Is the US planting false flags — like the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which never happened, or supposed weapons of mass destruction, which didn’t exist — as an excuse to send troops into Ukraine or use tactical nuclear weapons against the Russians? Lots of specious and suspicious social-media comments that the Russians are losing and getting desperate, and so will try to use unacceptable weapons to even the score — false flags because the Russians are clearly winning the war.

Such false flags would mean that you and I are now at risk because of this confrontation between the West and Russia in Ukraine because now we are talking the potential of using nuclear weapons. Don’t think that Russia would not response to the use of tactical nuclear weapons against them.

US Sanctions Against Russia