Stealth Invasion

NATO/US trying to carry out a stealth invasion of Russia with NATO’s relentless expansion eastward and this Ukraine fiasco. Historically, Europe attempted to conquer Russia twice and failed both times. So now this attempted political encirclement.

One wonder about Americans hanging the Ukrainian flag if they really understand what’s going on here?

Ultimately, it is just going to turn Russia toward China and India, and it will mean much higher energy and food costs for Europeans. And, of course, it is turning Russia into a hardened enemy of both Europe and the US — Russia, a country chock full of nuclear weapons.

US Foreign Policy

Finger on the Button

Remember before Trump was elected that the anti-Trump people put out the scare meme, Just think Trump having his finger on the nuclear button? But then when he was elected, he steered very clear of war, despite building up the military.

Now we have Biden actually playing nuclear chicken with the Russians by using Ukraine as the tool.

We were much safer with Trump, in my opinion.


Nuclear Umbrella

Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. But is that a good choice for their citizens, their populations? Under the current agreement with Russia, both countries enjoy a nuclear umbrella — in the event of nuclear war, their populations will not be decimated by nuclear bombs and/or the subsequent radiation.

But in joining NATO, that nuclear umbrella goes away. So does joining NATO make the people of Finland and Sweden safer? Unaligned, the two countries are under no threat of being attacked by Russia, but in joining NATO, both countries are now part of the nuclear confrontation between US/NATO versus Russia, and so, as a consequence, both countries would face annihilation in the event of nuclear war.

It would seem that joining NATO has very little gain for either country and potentially everything to lose. Under such circumstances, one has to wonder about the rationality of their political leadership in making such a questionable decision to join NATO. It does not appear to be a very rational choice.


Where Are the Peacekeepers?

What one should be asking oneself about the conflict in Ukraine is where are the peacekeepers? It is obvious that a settlement of the dispute would be very beneficial to all the parties — Europe, Russia, and most of all Ukraine itself, for, if this war in Ukraine continues and no doubt escalates, the entire country will be ravaged.

But where are the third-party peacekeepers who might aid in brokering an agreement between Russia and Ukraine? No one seems to be stepping up to this task despite the clear benefits for all.

The areas of Ukraine that the Russian military has taken over have a majority of ethnic-Russians in their populations, so it isn’t unrealistic for these areas to be incorporated into Russia — that’s called democracy or rule by the majority. The deal would include the guaranteeing of the new borders of Ukraine against any further incursion by Russia, along with the compromise that Ukraine remains unaligned with NATO. Those are the obvious parameters of such an agreement.

Why would Ukraine entertain such an agreement with loss of territory? Because they are facing devastation to the middle and western parts of their country — currently relatively unscathed — as well as the loss of the entire coastline, including Odessa, so that Ukraine would become completely landlocked, and so no longer benefit as a lucrative transit point for the eastern trade route.

But instead of stepping up to encourage such an agreement, the West has elected instead to open the floodgates of military aid to Ukraine. Clearly, the West, egged on by the US, doesn’t want peace, but is willing to sacrifice Ukraine in order to debilitate Russia. That’s why there are no peacekeepers. The West is using Ukraine to wage covert war against Russia.

This will not end well for the West, certainly not for Ukraine.

Waging war, even indirectly, is an unpredictable animal. The current generation of would-be diplomats in the West seems to have forgotten this fact. And Kennedy’s sword-of-Damocles remark relative to the threat of nuclear war is still very pertinent today — perhaps more pertinent than ever.

Outbreak of War