Facebook and the 1st Amendment

All Facebook had to do was tell the government that they (Facebook) believed in the 1st Amendment.  Instead, they kowtowed to government pressure and are tying to curry favor with the government by endorsing a politically correct ideology that silences anyone who doesn’t conform to it.   So Facebook is no longer a free-speech platform but an ideology.   Sad really.

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Death of Facebook

Facebook has caved to government pressure over the Russian thing, and now apes the “Liberal” media that wants to shackle free speech as per the idea that hate speech — what they consider hate speech — must be suppressed.  Of course this is miles from real Liberalism that fully backs the 1st Amendment, and abhors any restrictions at all on freedom of speech.

The fake Liberals today don’t really get the sheer beauty of total free speech from the two very mutually exclusive advantages that free speech provides the public: 1) it provides a forum where compelling minority opinions that at first may not hold sway do gain wider endorsement from how compelling and rational their arguments turn out to be, and 2) free speech provides a forum where really despicable ideas are aired publicly and therefore exposed to the light of day, so that they can become the subject of analysis and ultimately be rejected — versus remaining concealed from public view, simmering, and dangerous.

Real old-time Liberals understood all of this.  Now, not even the ACLU does.  Ours could the era when our precious, 1st Amendment free-speech rights are undermined — not by the Right, but by the Left.  Who would have thunk it!!

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