A Little Bit Crazy

How to make yourself a little bit crazy? Just read the headlines in the American online newsie sites. How to remain calm and sane? Don’t read them.


Liberal Media

No one believes the liberal media anymore. It’s not news but propaganda they deal in. In the 60s and 70s, the media had substantial credibility. That’s totally gone now…gone the illusion of even-handed and unbiased reporting, which seems like the height of foolish naivete. The Washington Post and New York Times are not worth one’s time.


The Press and Truth

As recently as just 4 years ago, I used to associated the press in the US with truth. Now, I see that attitude as hopelessly naive. In my opinion, the press is more akin to propaganda than truth. It peddles dubious opinions bolstered by very questionable assumptions to argue for a particular point of view — that’s propaganda, not truth.

And in addition to this outright deception to argue in favor of a particular bias, there is also the additional element of sensationalism to engage the public in order to sell more newspapers, sort of speak.

So I would advise people not to go and search for truth from the press anymore. There is scant evidence there is any to be found there. But then, that’s not what people do with the media and the press today, that is, search for truth. Instead, they are all just searching for their own particular biases to have them confirmed.

Supreme Court and the Election