Left Wingers

Left wingers don’t admit that their approach leads to chaos in the streets. They want to blame Trump for their own behavior. Their riots are somehow his fault. They don’t get that if you remove the police as a necessary restraint in society, chaos will soon follow.

The truly scary idea is that we vote these people in and allow them to govern us. It is not inconceivable that the US would descend into a true dystopia. Imagine civil disorder and shootings everywhere, and supermarkets permanently empty or always chronically short of food.

Murder Rates


Obama was surprising strong on the issue of fighting and decimating the Islamic terrorists, not just in running down bin Laden, but in the unprecedented number of  drone assassinations — we became the assassination nation, par excellence, under this Democrat president.

But his divisive and poorly conceived (the young refused to pay for the health insurance of the old) Obamacare program was a fiasco from the get-go and the wrong thing to do in the face of the economic collapse with its high unemployment, which really called for a large infrastructure program to get the country back to work.  Consequently, the economic recovery during his entire 2-terms in office was anemic at best, with consistently low GDP year after year.  The economy eventually did recovery in spite of, not because of, Obama.

As a left-wing ideologue, Obama was supremely unsuited to guide the country’s economy back to health, with his openly hostile attitude toward capitalism, profit-oriented corporations as well as investors.  Biden will be more of the same, should he be elected, just when the country needs someone who is pro-business.  Yet we are faced with the same problems that happened in 2008/9 — how to get a large number of unemployed people back to work quickly, and how to make a large number of businesses profitable again, particularly small businesses shuttered and hit so hard by this coronavirus.

Ironically, the same solution, a large infrastructure program, that presented itself in 2008/9 but was never pursued, is the solution to our economic woes today.  But will it be ignored again?

Max Lunacy




Max Lunacy

Democrat mayors who hate their police departments.  That’s about as crazy as it can get.  What you see in New York City and many other cities with Democrat mayors.  Half a million residents have left NYC, and the exodus is just beginning.

Democrat mayors should write a manual on how to ruin a city.  Beware if your city elects one.

Tale of Two Cities



Bernie Sanders needs to go back to the loonie bin — or perhaps Venezuela. Lots of socialists there. A millionaire with 3 homes who has never worked a day in his life but has nothing good to say about the country. This whole socialism thing is demolishing the Democratic Party, which is a shame. The Republicans are going to cream them, which is kind of scary that the Republican Party will have unfettered power in Washington.

Would be nice to have a new, third party that took the better, more practical ideas of the two established parties. Would love to see a flat tax imposed on all corporations, for instance, so that you don’t have billion dollar companies paying nothing because they have an army of tax attorneys gaming the system. A one-page tax code for corporations — only tax attorneys and corporate board rooms would object. And some kind of fiscal responsibility in the federal government that prevents you from perennially spending way more than you take in. A family can’t do that — why should the government? At some point in the future, that house of cards is going to come crashing down — that crisis is going to be one for the record books. Hopefully I’ll be long gone — what happens when your government itself is declared bankrupt? I don’t want to know.

But a new third-party — that’s probably just a pipedream. So the country will just lurch along as usual, until the next crisis.

Elizabeth Warren

She’s just insane.  Period.  This from an article about Warren: Warren’s plan, first reported on by Fox News, is projected by the campaign to cost “just under $52 trillion” over the next decade, with the campaign proposing a host of tax increases to pay for it while still claiming the middle class would not face any additional burden.

Does anyone fall for this nonsense?  That 53 trillion with a T.  And of course it’s free if you are middle class.

The Democratic Party is a shadow of what it used to be.  It has become a joke.

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