Letting Go

To live at peace with yourself, you have to learn to let go of issues that bother you, especially the ones you can’t do anything about. Just let them go. Just let them go.

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Reading an interesting book Fast This Way by Dave Asprey.  It’s about fasting but more than that — about overcoming whatever is holding you down.  His life turned around when he went to a Shaman and ended up doing a 4-day water fast in a cave in New Mexico.  One of his demons he confronted was a perennial sense of loneliness that began in childhood.  Interested in what he has to say about technique in confronting one’s demons — just how to do that.

One of my demons that has always plagued me — social anxiety, a feeling of dread when in social situations like parties.  That’s one of the many things I’d like to finally get past.  I think it is probably a completely irrational fear that I need to finally confront and overcome instead of letting it dominate.  Of course, I have many other “demons”.

An interesting point he makes relative to fasting is the difference between craving and real hunger. A lot of our poor eating habits today are driven much more by the former than the latter. Craving is very much a purely psychological reaction, whereas hunger is physical.

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