Reading an interesting book Fast This Way by Dave Asprey.  It’s about fasting but more than that — about overcoming whatever is holding you down.  His life turned around when he went to a Shaman and ended up doing a 4-day water fast in a cave in New Mexico.  One of his demons he confronted was a perennial sense of loneliness that began in childhood.  Interested in what he has to say about technique in confronting one’s demons — just how to do that.

One of my demons that has always plagued me — social anxiety, a feeling of dread when in social situations like parties.  That’s one of the many things I’d like to finally get past.  I think it is probably a completely irrational fear that I need to finally confront and overcome instead of letting it dominate.  Of course, I have many other “demons”.

An interesting point he makes relative to fasting is the difference between craving and real hunger. A lot of our poor eating habits today are driven much more by the former than the latter. Craving is very much a purely psychological reaction, whereas hunger is physical.

Scientists Versus the Rest of US

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