Red Sox Preculiarity

I’ve noticed something very unique about the RS in the last few years. They have a predilection for players who throw right but bat left. I’m wondering now if their scouts are told to look for this, as it isn’t all that common. It must be based on the assumption by RS management that such players are somehow naturally superior, although I don’t know why this would be so. Yet a statistical analysis might prove it.

Old Age and Feet

Afghanistan — What It Tells You

What the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban tells you about the limits of American power is that we can’t change the ethos of other countries — that is well beyond our capability. We can’t take a deeply conservative, male-oriented, and archly Islamic country and make it over into our image of a Western democracy with equal rights for everyone and freedom of religion. And we shouldn’t try to. It’s bound to fail.

They are all now blaming Biden for this defeat, but, to be honest, he was a very late player in this comedy of errors. The initial error was to expand our enemies list from al-Qaeda to the Taliban. The Taliban never attacked the US; al-Qaeda did.

Another Vietnam?

Old Age and Feet

If you see someone old who is walking with difficulty, it very well may be that each step is causing pain in the bones in their feet. What can happen in old age is the soft tissue in the bottom of the feet can deteriorate so the bones have less protection. But there is a definite solution to this: metatarsal pads that fit inside the sock.

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