What I believe in is continuous improvement as a mindset. Commit yourself to the idea of continuously improving whatever you do, both in terms of big things and even very small and seemingly trivial things.

Managing your finances — a big thing — how can you improve that? Washing the dishes — a trivial thing — how can you improve that?

Continuous improvement — that should be your mindset permanently. Nothing short of that.

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How To Binge Eat

Do you find that you eat way too much on the weekends or, now and then, just go overboard with too much food? You are not alone.

But there is an effective way to deal with this kind of occasional binge eating, which I’m afraid most of us humans are guilty of. That way is to have planned calorie deficit days each week (planned as in specific days of the week). Right now, I have 3 calorie deficit days each week, so when I overeat on the weekends, it doesn’t matter.

One calorie deficit day is just a few hundred calories below what I typically eat (2100 calories). The second is double that but not that severe really. But the third calorie deficit is a serious drop — half of what I normally eat.

With 3 planned calorie deficit days each week, I don’t have to be that concerned with the occasional binge. Actually, without the occasional binge, I would lose too much weight.

So I can enjoy my binge and eat cake, too — sort of speak (I don’t eat processed foods like cake).


Homemade Jelly

Made my homemade jelly last night.  Better than store bought for a number of reasons — no added cane sugar and mine includes omega 3 fats from chia seeds, which don’t really have much taste.  You put chia seeds into water and they swell up and create a dough-like substance that’s sticky.  Then you buy frozen fruit.  I like the organic strawberries/banana blend.  Put the frozen fruit into the chia seeds mixture and crush with a potato masher. You have your jelly with no added sugar, all the natural fiber from the strawberries and bananas, and the healthy boost from omega 3 fat.  So much better than store bought, which has no omega 3 fat, is usually loaded with added sugar (usually sugar cane), and has all the fiber stripped away. 

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Calorie Deficit Days

I have been doing OMAD for 3 years, but I also do 3 calorie deficit days a week. One moderate deficit, one medium, and one large. My usual day calorie-wise is 2100 calories. The way I do the one large calorie deficit day is that I wait until very late in my eating window to have that one meal, and that one meal is unusually high in protein and fat and therefore very satiating. That one meal can be 1000 calories, but because it is late in the day and very satiating, that’s it for food for that day, which translates into a 1100 calorie deficit. I was wondering if anyone else does calorie deficit days, and, if so, how they go about it — what their strategy is?

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