Xmas and Climate Change

This coming Christmas, we should start a new Xmas tradition. Buy a tree like last year, but with the roots intact, and when Christmas is finished, take it outside and plant it on your property (dig the hole in October when the ground is still unfrozen). Every Xmas could produce millions of new trees to inhale carbon — instead of just throwing them away.


Climate Change and Extinction

Climate change isn’t new. The earth’s climate has always been changing. For instance, they think at one point the earth was an icy ball. At one point, Africa was connected to Latin America — those plates keep moving. I do think mankind has contributed to the recent global warming significantly, but there have been such warming trends in the past — when mankind didn’t exist.

Extinction for species on earth is also not new. At some point, mankind will go extinct, just as the dinosaurs eventually met their fate, which was also caused by a radical and sudden change in their climate. For us, it will be a disruption of the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere. Our current atmosphere is 4 parts nitrogen to 1 part oxygen. At what point does a change in that ratio mean extinction for mankind? Let’s say 9 parts everything else to only 1 part oxygen. Bye bye mankind.

Freedom of Speech

No More Recessions

Federal Reserve has now banned recessions — at a cost of 7 trillion.  There will be no more recessions.  So, in a sense, there is no longer any risk in investing in the stock market — it will always go higher, it will never really collapse.  Kind of like the ultimate in chrony capitalism, no?

The stock market and the bond market are completely phony, but they are the only game in town, so everyone plays them, especially since there is so much cheap money around to play them with — cheap money as in free money from the Federal Reserve.  It’s all insane, but what choice is there?

Financial Chicanery?

Freedom of Speech

What separates the so-called liberals of today and the liberals of the 1960s is the issue of freedom of speech.  The 1960s liberals were unqualified supporters of that freedom.  But today’s liberal wants to suppress any and all “hate speech” — that is, whatever speech he happens to disagree with

Today’s liberal doesn’t realize that suppressing what he considers to be disagreeable opens the door to suppressing any speech, so that today the liberal suppresses what he considers to be hate speech, but tomorrow it is his speech that gets suppressed as out of sync with the times.

You either have complete freedom of speech or you don’t have any is the point.

Cheat By Mail

Israel, West Bank, Gaza — the Art of the Deal

Clearly the politics of the West Bank are very different from the politics of Gaza. It looks like the Israelis may be able to come to a real and lasting agreement with the West Bank. If so, that would give them more leverage in dealing with Gaza since Gaza would then be more isolated.

Would be interesting to know Kushner’s role in all this. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Kushner was deeply involved. People in the real estate business are constantly making deals. Negotiation is the heart of their business. Witness Trump’s book Art of the Deal. That title wasn’t an accident. It’s all about wheeling and dealing in the real estate business. (And it’s not at all a bad skill for a president, either.)

The deal that’s being proposed for the West Bank has a lot in it for the Palestinians — recognized territory in the West Bank, a recognized capital in their section of Jerusalem, and significant financial aid.  An offer they can’t refuse?  Could be.  We’ll see.

Financial Chicanery?