Trash Talk

The trash talking in American politics is so over the top that it’s not worth listening to.  The goal is not truth but how outrageous one can be.  Trouble is so many people take it seriously and so get riled by it — a big reason why there is so much conflict in America today, why so many are so angry.  And of course the media is fundamentally at fault here — yellow journalism run amuk.  Back in the 80’s and 90’s in New York City, it was the New York Post that had the outrageous headline and stories, that either bordered on the preposterous and went way over the edge.  Now it’s every newspaper and “news” media.

In my opinion, one should always keep in mind, when reading or hearing a political opinion, what that individual’s agenda is.  Their statements tell you more about the authors than who or what they are addressing.  Witness the ridiculous statements made by so many liberal celebrities — doesn’t tell you anything about the subjects they are addressing but tells you boatloads about them.  I can’t tell you how many such celebrities I consider to be silly individuals now that I’ve heard their political opinions, which were baseless and foolish but predictably extreme.


Black Racism

Blacks in the US are more racist than whites — for good reason, given the long history of discrimination against them.   But you only hear about whites as racists; never about blacks.

Yet what a heavy load to carry around with you if you are a black American who hates “whitey”.  Real hatred is extremely corrosive.

Reminds me of the famous line of the mother in The Grapes of Wrath: “Did they hurt ya and make ya mean-mad? … ‘Til ya ain’t no boy nor man anymore, just a walkin’ chunk o’ mean-mad.”  Slavery and all the post-slavery discrimination against blacks couldn’t help but hurt them and make them mean-mad.  So it is not surprising that racism among black Americans is common — but you never hear about it.

Bravo to the black American with so strong a character that he could overcome it.  I’m not sure I could have.

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