Today’s Fascists

Today’s fascists are on the liberal side. They want to impose their group-think on the rest of us. This doesn’t mean that the crazy right-wingers are the good guys — not at all. Many of them are demented, too. It just means that it would be the liberal side that forces you to think in a particular way and who think they are always right and the rest of us wrong.

One can see this distortion clearly in the liberal press/media. It has turned the “news” into propaganda. It propagates “right think”. That’s fascism. They use “hate speech” to suppress whatever they disagree with. That’s fascism.

Money Printing

Our NBA and China

Our NBA and China…US corporations are not the only ones in bed with their Communist Party. Interesting to me that our left wingers in the US never say anything negative about the government in China — a totalitarian dictatorship that imposes its will ruthlessly. But not a peep out our so-called liberals, despite the fact that the Chinese Commies are busy crushing any liberty/freedom out of Hong Kong. I guess Chinese lives DON’T matter.

NBA and China