Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding-heart liberals live in a land of make-believe where everything is black and white, a bit like TV back in the 50s and 60s where the good guy, dressed in white, always prevailed against the bad guy, dressed in black.

They, the liberals, are always the good guy, on the side of justice and everything noble and blameless, no matter how foolish their ideas and how horrendous the consequences of those ludicrous ideas may be.

These liberals are particularly susceptible to anyone’s sob story. Give them a sob story and you are half way home to having a diehard ally on you side, no matter how ridiculous the sob story may be. And that’s where the simple-minded liberal really goes off the rails because he or she ends up aligning themselves with any number of never-do-well scoundrels out to hoodwink them with a sad — but very imaginative — tale of woe.

Guns and Abortion

Illiberal Liberals

In the day that LBJ wanted to usher in the “Great Society” with a whole slew of liberal reforms, the typical liberal was 100% behind the doctrine of free speech as represented in the 1st Amendment. This was a cardinal commitment of the liberal agenda way back then in the 60s. It was such a fervent commitment that the ACLU went out of its way to protect the free-speech rights of such heinous groups as the American Nazi movement and affiliated white-supremacists. According to the ACLU, such groups had an absolute right to voice their point of view, as guaranteed by federal law in the 1st Amendment.

But so-called liberals today have abandoned this principle of freedom of all speech in favor of endorsing the suppression of “hate speech,” as defined by them. According to them, and now according to the once venerable ACLU, those exhibiting what the liberals decide is hate speech should have no such right to freedom of speech. And of course the liberals can employ their Antifa street gangs to shout down anyone who dares to express opinions contrary to what the liberals deem to be commendable — Antifa acting in a way not dissimilar to the way the Brown Shirts in Germany in the 1930s went after any opposition in the streets. So I ask you, isn’t this new “liberal” — so illiberal in fact — a pretty dismal comparison to the liberals of the 60s and 70s?

As for suppressing hate speech, that is a very very slippery slope to tread, as the hate speech the liberals try to disparage with strong-arm tactics today may turn out to be their speech tomorrow.

Nothing Good

Liberal Media

No one believes the liberal media anymore. It’s not news but propaganda they deal in. In the 60s and 70s, the media had substantial credibility. That’s totally gone now…gone the illusion of even-handed and unbiased reporting, which seems like the height of foolish naivete. The Washington Post and New York Times are not worth one’s time.


Today’s Fascists

Today’s fascists are on the liberal side. They want to impose their group-think on the rest of us. This doesn’t mean that the crazy right-wingers are the good guys — not at all. Many of them are demented, too. It just means that it would be the liberal side that forces you to think in a particular way and who think they are always right and the rest of us wrong.

One can see this distortion clearly in the liberal press/media. It has turned the “news” into propaganda. It propagates “right think”. That’s fascism. They use “hate speech” to suppress whatever they disagree with. That’s fascism.

Money Printing

Our NBA and China

Our NBA and China…US corporations are not the only ones in bed with their Communist Party. Interesting to me that our left wingers in the US never say anything negative about the government in China — a totalitarian dictatorship that imposes its will ruthlessly. But not a peep out our so-called liberals, despite the fact that the Chinese Commies are busy crushing any liberty/freedom out of Hong Kong. I guess Chinese lives DON’T matter.

NBA and China