Green New Deal

Green New Deal — for the most part, more nitwit politics from the Dems.  And they call Trump crazy!

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We have seen how the Left in the US now has Antifa thugs, while there have been right-wing thugs around for decades.  But more than that, the political rhetoric and extremism on both the Left and the Right have dialed up considerably in the last 3 years, and, if anything, the media has abetted, if not stoked, this combustion.

Which raises the question, could there be another civil war breaking out in the US, that is, with a widespread breakdown of law and order, perhaps even with breakaway states like sanctuary California declaring their independence?

Could the whole enchilada come apart?

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Democratic Party Civil War

I think you could make a case for the Democratic Party coming apart.  This new, younger, quasi-Socialist faction really doesn’t sit well with the old guard of the party.  Will be interesting who gets the ultimate nomination, given this obvious division.  I think that selection process will make the division that much wider.

Hard to imagine the Dems beating Trump when their party is so divided.  If they nominate a conservative, the radicals will bolt; and if they nominate a radical, the old guard will.

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Government and Food

What’s disappointing is how little government interferes with these practices of loading processed foods with sugar, salt, and oil.  The food industry can do just about anything it wants to do, and you don’t hear a peep from government.  Government not exactly looking out for our interests.  And if it is not doing that, what good is it?

Actually, it might even be worse with regard to government and food.  I read recently that our government is subsidizing high fructose corn syrup.  Think about that.  We have an epidemic of diabetes, and yet the government is subsidizing HFCS!!!

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