Impeachment Farce

Impeachment farce comes to its thankful end. You don’t impeach someone who is no longer in office. And what happened at the Capitol was all about a fraudulent election. The people were showing their ire about the fraud. Can you blame them? It would have been shameful had they not demonstrated by invading that building. American elections are supposed to be honest and above board. This one stunk to high heavens — and look what we are left with in the White House.

Circus Comes to Town

Circus Comes to Town

Impeachment trial against Trump, who has already left office, another example of Congress as circus. Blaming him for a popular demonstration against a fraudulent election means that Congress makes such demonstrations now illegal — i.e., you are not allowed to protest what your government does anymore, no matter how asinine its actions may be. Kind of in line with the new censorship. The new normal is a citizen with his mouth taped shut and his hands in handcuffs behind his back — that’s good citizenship today. The Dems think their impeachment-trial circus is winning them support, but very much the opposite is true because the half of the country that are Trump-supporters are going to react very bitterly to this political theatre and hijinks. So expect the divide of the country to just get wider and more vitriolic because of it.

Looking forward to the day Trump either starts his own social-media platform or joins Gab to start a steady stream of public rebuttals. Really do need a strong voice critical of this new leftist regime in Washington — their ideological policies are so completely lunie. Trump has at least half the country supporting him — probably much more if the election had been at all honest. So he has a “bully pulpit,” even if no longer the prez.

Distorted Reality


Dems in charge destroy jobs and undermine the economy with their actions, and then call it a success. Nixing the Canadian pipeline costs 70k jobs. Raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour nation-wide means that many employers will simply cut the requisite number of jobs in order to protect their profit margins, particularly in states with a lower cost of living. In other words, more jobs destroyed because of unintended consequences. The Dems don’t care; they call this success.

We have lunatics in charge who do not consider the ramifications of their ideological actions. Hard times are coming…hard times for sure.

Expect More Crime with Biden

I Don’t Think So

I don’t think there is systemic racism.

I don’t believe white people are evil.

I don’t think people younger than 60 should refrain from going back to work.

I don’t think we should suppress the use of fossil fuels and ruin our economy.

I don’t think the Chinese government is benign.

I don’t think Russia is the bogeyman.

I don’t think suppressing “hate speech” is a better or viable substitute for freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment.

I don’t think groupthink is better than individualism.

I don’t think open borders is a good idea.

I don’t think you accept immigrants as citizens without vetting them for criminal behavior, infectious diseases, and terrorism.

I don’t think this last presidential election was honest and above board.

I don’t think over half the country supports this new administration in Washington, but that a sizeable portion of the country sees this recent presidential election as a fraud.

I don’t think your vote matters anywhere near as much as who counts the votes.

I don’t think a majority of conservatives in the American public agrees with the goals propagated by the Left and the universities.

I don’t think Biden’s son’s influence-peddling was anything other than graft.

I don’t think the liberal press is anything other than distorted ideology.

I don’t think you impeach a former president after he leaves office.

I don’t think you impeach a former president because of a popular demonstration protesting a rigged election.

I don’t think all the money printing by the Federal Reserve is going to end well.

I don’t think our fiat currency in dollars has much value anymore.

I don’t think government by massive deficit spending is viable long term.

I don’t think our current economy is anything other than crony capitalism, thanks to the money-printing Federal Reserve as well as bale outs by the government.

I don’t think socialism is a viable economic system or produces any real value.

I don’t think the anti-business Biden administration is going to tackle the dismal unemployment situation and restore the economy.

I don’t think raising the minimum wage across the entire country is going to help create jobs — I think it will do the opposite, as employers reduce staff to compensate, particularly in states with a lower cost of living.

I don’t think the future is going to be bright.

I don’t think life in the US is going to be peaceful in the future.


Swamp Won

The swamp takes back Washington. Discouraging.

What can one expect? Much higher taxes on the wealthy but also the middle class…and corporations. Many looney-climate change initiatives that damage the economy because they undermine the use of fossil fuels, which underpin all economic activity. Actions that benefit China and undermine the US, particularly economically. More Russia hysteria as the bogeyman. Stupid and naive deals with Iran and a cold shoulder to Israel. Much money for various countries around the world, while the US deficit explodes. Open borders and mass immigration from Latin America. Political mismanagement and lawlessness and the growth of real poverty in American cities. Repression toward all political conservatives, particularly those who aligned themselves with Trump.

In short, the real decline of the United States, as a strong and economically powerful country, into a country that is economically weak and politically teetering on civil war.

There will be a 3-month grace period for the new administration, and then the wheels start to come off when all the stimulus money and free money don’t produce any turnaround in the economy and the dismal employment picture.

As things get worse and worse, the radical left-wingers will blame it all on conservatives as Nazis.


Biden’s Dumb Stimulus Plan

Biden’s stimulus plan that raises the minimum wage, of course, undermines jobs by making employers pay more for their least expensive employees, so naturally what these employers will do is cut some of those jobs to protect their profit margins — this is especially true in states with a lower cost of living, as in many of the states in the South. This at a time when it is crucial to stimulate job growth. What’s the word for that. “Dumb” comes to mind.

The bulk of the program is this big giveaway to state government with deplorable finances — think New York and California. In other words, it rewards bad financial behavior by state governments with the most spendthrift mindsets. Another dumb.

Finally, it gives a huge amount of money to colleges and public schools, i.e., financing an education system that is already way overdeveloped to begin with. Another dumb.

And again we have this practice of giving money to people, which is part of the program which actually does address the immediate problem, but I ask you, is it smart for the federal government to be giving money to everyone — is that a smart practice in the long run? I think not.

Put another way, is it wise for the federal government, which is already so deeply in debt, to take on such an unprecedented amount of new debt? That’s what the big giveaway comes down to — an enormous expansion of federal government debt, which is already well beyond anyone’s real understanding before this stimulus plan is even put into effect. It mortgages our children’s future and their children’s future…and their children’s future.

What would make sense here is a massive infrastructure program by the federal government. What should have been done way back in the 2008 crisis but wasn’t. Are we about to repeat history?

Benign Protest


What happens after you have a fraudulent election.

The canary in the coal mine on the election for me was Arizona — that Arizona would side with a Democrat. That’s Goldwater Arizona siding with a Democrat. Yeah, right. And pigs can fly.

Even many of the Democrats think the election was rigged.

In addition to uncertainty, you pretty much destroy any faith in future elections being at all honest, which means your sacred vote doesn’t actually matter very much. The edifice of American democracy gets rocked. Thus the new and cloying uncertainty.

Today’s Fascists