Bleeding Hearts

Bleeding-heart liberals live in a land of make-believe where everything is black and white, a bit like TV back in the 50s and 60s where the good guy, dressed in white, always prevailed against the bad guy, dressed in black.

They, the liberals, are always the good guy, on the side of justice and everything noble and blameless, no matter how foolish their ideas and how horrendous the consequences of those ludicrous ideas may be.

These liberals are particularly susceptible to anyone’s sob story. Give them a sob story and you are half way home to having a diehard ally on you side, no matter how ridiculous the sob story may be. And that’s where the simple-minded liberal really goes off the rails because he or she ends up aligning themselves with any number of never-do-well scoundrels out to hoodwink them with a sad — but very imaginative — tale of woe.

Guns and Abortion


You get afraid when you realize the leadership in Washington today are a bunch of dolts who make decisions based mostly on wanting to win a popularity contest rather than rational decisions based on the best possible outcome.

We are facing imminent food shortages, the erosion of our currency, an economic collapse, and horrible decisions in foreign policy that have driven our two most consistent adversaries — Russia and China — into a mutually beneficial alliance hostile toward the US.

Hard times are coming to this country…hard times, and much of it is our own doing.

“Evil Empire”


Country will turn back to Trump because of the stagflation and poor leadership from the Dems. Inflation combined with tax hikes across the board are going to sour a lot of Americans on this administration. Welcome back to the Carter years with dependence on foreign oil and huge jumps in the price at the pump. How long will the public tolerate this? Not long, I believe.



Current government in Washington is an embarrassment, particularly in regard to inept foreign policy. Whatever they do is based on ideology, not reason. It is often counterproductive, producing the opposite of what was intended. Witness their war on fossil fuels because of their climate-change ideology. It’s making fossil fuels more valuable as in pricier, not less.

Free Trade Isn’t Free

Terrible At Governing

Democrats are almost a year in office, with control of both houses, and still haven’t passed the infrastructure bill that everyone, including all Republicans, wanted.

The bonanza bill to spend money on “clean energy” boondoggles will require huge increases in taxes and result in vast government waste on projects with little chance of actually affecting climate change or energy production — a case of government deluding itself into thinking that it can change our use of fossil fuels, for they haven’t admitted to themselves that the alternative sources of clean energy like solar and wind will never really amount to much percentage-wise. That’s the hard reality. Currently, all the renewable energy sources produce a mere 12% of total US energy consumption. I suppose that could eventually get to a whopping (sarcastic here) 15%.

Has anyone asked the question whether we really need to send our 3 and 4 year-olds to school? Whether this is really in our and their best interest? It smacks me of robbing toddlers of their carefree childhood.

The one idea that the Democrats have put forward that has real merit is the required 15% percent minimum tax on corporations. Long overdue that the government put a stop to corporations that make billions paying no taxes because they have an army of tax attorneys who can game the system.

So what have been the real downsides. We have a government that incentivizes illegal immigration. Our border with Mexico is chaos. We have witnessed a terrible exit from Afghanistan that encourages all our adversaries to see the US as a paper tiger. We now have a government that offers Europe no barrier to dumping steel and aluminum into the US — back to Democratic policies that lead to a rust belt in the US and loss of jobs, all for the sake of “free” trade that ultimately corrodes our economy. In other words, relative to trade policies, the Democrats have learned nothing.

US Energy Consumption by Type of Energy