The New York Times and Washington Post used to be fair and objective newspapers. Now they are not much more than enforced ideologies of the Left.  They aren’t reporting news; they are telling you what they want you to believe.  There’s a difference.  Ditto the major network news agencies ABC, NBC, and CBS.

Trouble is more and more people are waking up to this reality and deception.  It’s not all that hard to detect.  Just listen for the underlying opinion in whatever is being spoon fed to you.  If you listen for it, you will discover just how severely opinionated this “news” really is.  CNN is just the flagrant example of all of this, as they don’t even bother to try to conceal how opinionated they are.  But all of this established media is of the same stripe.

People who are the most gullible with this left-wing media are the ones who have the most severe reaction when they finally get red pilled.

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Liberals Are Not Liberal

Liberals are no longer liberal.  They don’t believe in free speech.  They are ideologues who are enforcing their ideology.

Ironic that everyone thought tyranny would come from the Right, but instead it is coming from the Left.

The real fascists today are on the Left.  If you don’t believe what they believe, they get you fired or blacklisted.  Just like McCarthyism, only from the Left this time around.

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Campaign Contribution

I made a campaign contribution to the Trump campaign.  Wasn’t much money but it was a first for me — I’ve never contributed any money before to any politician.  Never.

I like some of Trump’s policies but not all of them, but I’m definitely frightened by what I see among the Democrats — no borders, soft on crime, free everything, socialism, anti-free speech.  The next time we elect a Democrat as president will be perilous for the country, for Democrats have turned into ideologues with no common sense.

2020 is going to be an intense year in the US.  If you think 2016 was raucous, you haven’t seen anything yet.  I wonder if the intensity is going to cause violence and perhaps even assassination attempts by people who have been driven over the edge.  Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

But first the Democratic candidates will tear into each other.

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