The Press and Truth

As recently as just 4 years ago, I used to associated the press in the US with truth. Now, I see that attitude as hopelessly naive. In my opinion, the press is more akin to propaganda than truth. It peddles dubious opinions bolstered by very questionable assumptions to argue for a particular point of view — that’s propaganda, not truth.

And in addition to this outright deception to argue in favor of a particular bias, there is also the additional element of sensationalism to engage the public in order to sell more newspapers, sort of speak.

So I would advise people not to go and search for truth from the press anymore. There is scant evidence there is any to be found there. But then, that’s not what people do with the media and the press today, that is, search for truth. Instead, they are all just searching for their own particular biases to have them confirmed.

Supreme Court and the Election

Supreme Court and the Election

So what should the Supreme Court decide relative to the presidential election? My take is there is ample evidence that election fraud took place, and the results were therefore illegitimate. If so, I think the SC should call for a second round of voting in the 7 crucial swing states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, and Arizona — just these 7 states, as the results in all the other states are pretty much uncontested. But this time around, perhaps the voting should be limited to in person voting — no mail in votes — and there has to be present in the counting of the votes representatives from both parties so that there are no shenanigans.

If Biden and the Democratic Party believe the first vote in these 7 crucial swing states was legitimate, they shouldn’t fear the results the second time around.


Lunatics in Charge

Putting Sanders in charge of anything in the government is like putting a lunatic in charge of the insane asylum.

People were afraid of what a Trump government would bring 4 years ago, but what a Biden government will bring is much scarier imo. There is such a strong anti-American rant going on in the left wing that I fear this will impact the federal government — and not in a good way.


Forgiving Student Loans

Biden wants to “forgive” student loans. But is that a good precedent — to establish that when you borrow money, you ultimately won’t have to pay it back? And what would this forgiveness cost the federal government, which is already swimming in its own debt? But that’s what Democratic government does — provide reckless giveaway government to curry favor with the electorate despite the consequences. Strong leadership here from Biden? I think not.


America Coming Apart?

I wonder if the US is about to go into a death spiral of a decline, like we have never seen before. The kicker will be the wave of small businesses that are about to declare bankruptcy. But the deeper malaise is that there is no longer any real consensus about America anymore, but instead a tremendous amount of animosity and division. Could it all just fall apart? I’m beginning to think so. Don’t think this new government in Washington has the leadership to prevent this — if anything, the divisions will just get even more emphatic.

And the economy? It’s really a colossal Ponzi scheme — with the Federal Reserve propping everything up with “money” created out of thin air. Like the wizard in the Wizard of Oz. But what happens when we all look behind the curtain and see the scam? What happens when our credulity gets punctured?

You can almost see this simmering fear of near term chaos in the markets — lots of people are putting huge amounts of money into such alternative investments as gold/silver and bitcoin. They sense the wheels are about to come off and want to protect themselves with these — they think — safe-haven assets.

People in the stock market are waiting for the federal government to put out another multi-trillion dollar stimulus bill, and when that is first announced, the stock market will go on a tear. I think that’s when they hand you an opportunity to get out before the music stops. Because when the music does stop, there won’t be any chairs — there won’t be any safe places to hide — perhaps ever again in one’s lifetime. And economic collapse will surely lead to civil collapse, like the Great Depression, only much worse.

Fraudulent Voting?


Victory speeches by Biden and Harris nothing more than silly platitudes. This is the team that’s going to face getting the country out of the economic quagmire of this coronavirus plague. Platitudes are not going to do it. Looks like the next four years will be empty words and inept actions.

But first a gigantic bailout package to drive the federal government that much deeper into truly colossal debt. Will provide a spectacular sugar high for a few months. And then what?

Hard times are coming and a clueless government without any real leadership — just platitudes.