Consequences for China

There should be real consequences for China. One idea I read was creating a consortium of countries, all of whom default on all their government bonds owned by China. That would be a little over one trillion for the US.

Break With China

“Chinese Virus”

There are going to be truly massive layoffs. Just gets scarier and scarier. Economy in a death spiral with everything closed for business — and the death toll about to achieve escape velocity. So what do the liberals complain about — the phrase “Chinese virus.” But where did this menace originate? I say, if the shoe fits, wear it. The phrase is accurate and just.

And where’s the liberal ire about the autocratic/totalitarian form of government in China with its truly terrible civil-rights abuses, as in concentration camps for Muslims? Nowhere — that’s where. The armchair liberals are a joke. They have nothing to add to the conversation at all.  They play word games with themselves to feel self-righteous while the world burns.  Pathetic.

China deserves the world’s acrimony, particular their communist government that attempted nothing but concealment until the truth could no longer be suppressed — only then did the rest of the world become aware of this menace, a menace that now breaks on an intentionally uninformed world with a vengeance because of the chicanery of the Chinese.

But for goodness sake, let’s not offend the Chinese. Anything but that. That would be beyond the pale, and we wouldn’t feel good about it…or virtuous.

No Travel Ban Biden

Boycott China

If you are pro America, don’t buy anything made in China — nothing.  Send a message by your own personal actions.  Read the label and if it says “Made in China,” don’t buy that product, even if it is cheaper and well made.

Boycott China not just for their predatory trade practices, but also for their totalitarian,  undemocratic, and repressive politics.  Vote with your wallet.

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