Should China pay other countries reparations for the economic consequences of the Coronavirus, the so-called “China virus”?



The corruption by Biden’s sons gets a pass by the liberal media — this time they ignore something that is so obviously real versus inventing something about Trump that isn’t.

Biden as president would be a big step backwards — an old-time politician with a slick smile and no leadership. Not what the country needs right now to lead it out of the economic morass created by the virus. If he gets elected, the wheels come off pretty quickly. We will see some real chaos in the street then.

Biden Corruption

Trump As Leader

Trump decided way back in January to close our borders to all Chinese. It was an unpopular decision bound to get him a lot of flak, particularly from the Dems who could label the decisions with all kinds of xenophobic labels. Biden was one of those who disagreed with this unprecedented decision.

But that’s what a real leader does. If he or she thinks they are right, they make the decision and go ahead with it despite its unpopularity — because it was the right thing to do. They don’t back down because popular opinion doesn’t happen to agree with them. Instead, they make the decision and go ahead with it and are willing to take the heat. That’s what a real leader does. That’s what Trump did, and the result? Perhaps a million American lives saved because of this — according to Biden — “mistake.”

But I have to laugh at them — now the Dems are trying to blame Trump for the deaths in the pandemic. The Dems would have kept our borders open.

Democratic Party Platform

Small Risk

The CDC recently put out information saying that the risk of the virus being fatal is very small for people younger than 60. The risk jumps for people in their 60s, and really takes off for people in their 70s. So it would seem reasonable that people less than, say, 45 years old should all go back to work since their risk that this virus could be fatal is minimal.


Air Travel

Air travel in the future must address two issues, and it is very unclear how — how to protect passengers from infection while on board, and how to protect the receiving destination from potential infection by these same passengers.  Even when this pandemic subsides, those two issues remain, given that future pandemics can’t be ruled out and it is indisputable that the airplane is the main method of spreading infection.  The current mode of air travel is a recipe for disaster.  It has to change fundamentally.

The Coronavirus Good News


Romans and the Plague

Have been reading about the reign of Marcus Aurelius in the 2nd century AD.  During his reign, the plague came to Rome from the East, brought back by Roman soldiers.  It was devastating to the city.  But it didn’t just go away after a year.  The ominous note that I read was that it lingered for many years, and now and then came back with a vengeance.

I wonder if that’s going to be our fate as well?  It’s a bit of an assumption that this virus doesn’t have staying power.

The Coronavirus Good News