Gapstow Bridge and Plaza Hotel in Fog


Manhattan, A Photographer’s Journey by Henry Barnard

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Sword of Damocles

I’m not at all a fan of Governor Cuomo, but I have to say that the way he is now being roasted for unwanted advances toward women show just how puritanical the country remains relative to men in office and their libidos. Even the slightest indiscretion toward women is considered a heinous crime where the male politician should be roasted at the stake. This issue hangs like the sword of Damocles over the exposed neck of every American male politician, and they all know it. But it is not the same for women politicians — another “inequality”.

One can only contrast this with the way the French view their male politician’s indiscretions — with amusement.

Biden’s Immigration Policy

Bear Market?

Stock market seems stalled near the all-time highs. PE ratios are through the roof. Despite the Fed-fueled market, we have, in fact, a very deplorable economy, with high unemployment.

Beginning to feel like it is a bear market. You get sharp, fear-ridden drops, and very sharp, bear-market rallies that end up fading. Feels like that is about to happen. Look for these 1.5%+ rallies that end up fading after sharp drops. If that starts to occur, would not be surprised to then see a big 5% down day soon. That would really unnerve the market. That would mean the bear market has begun with a vengeance.

Everyone is thinking the Fed will save us. What if that is wrong? One thing you don’t want to do is buy the dip in a true bear market — what everyone has been doing now for 10 years.

The new mantra could be sell the rally — as in get out — and then go short. But watch for these sharp drops, followed by explosive rallies. Yesterday was kind of like that. The S&P actually went down sharply to 3805 and then rallied back to a decent gain before ending the day fading into a small positive uptick.

When the bear does start, all the buy-the-dip traders are going to be fooled.

Stock Market

Bird Song

On a quiet stroll, when there isn’t any wind to drown out their sound, listen to the bird calls as you walk along. You will walk from one original bird call to the next, and each will be unique and musical. If you keep your mind focused on the bird songs for the entire walk, you will hear quite an orchestration of musical notes. How many of these musicians would you overhear in an hour’s stroll? 25? 50? 100? But you have to stay focused.


Relishing Food

In my old age, I’ve become something of a cook and now enjoy food much more, as I am able to produce meals that have a lot of taste. But it begs the obvious question, what is taste, what is the taste of food? If you think about it for a moment, it comes down to the tongue’s reaction to the chemicals in food. The tongue — this magical organ with its taste buds — plays the pivotal roll, especially the very tip of the tongue.

And the more you get your tongue involved in each morsel of food, the greater the intensity of the taste of that food. So it is actually possible to increase that intensity by slowing the chewing process and lengthening the amount of time the tongue has to twirl and savor the food.

And then there is something called the “aftertaste”. It is literally the lingering taste of the food after you have swallowed it. The mouth and tongue are still slightly coated with that taste so there is this faint but discernible aftertaste. How many gourmets, instead of rushing on to the next bite mindlessly, take the time to enjoy this aftertaste? Many? Any?

The bottom line about taste is to eat more slowly so that you let your tongue do it what does so well…and don’t forget that hint of the taste in the aftertaste. So mindful eating is the way to go if you can manage it — to get even more taste.