Gapstow Bridge and Plaza Hotel in Fog


Manhattan, A Photographer’s Journey by Henry Barnard

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What would be interesting is if, at some point in this century, the government in China took on more democratic leanings. I’m not holding my breath, though. China with its history of having emperors falls naturally into the communist and totalitarian framework, that is, total control by a centralized government that suffers little influence from purely popular opinion.

So one has to consider what is the downside to such a government. What comes to mind immediately is the Stalinist repression that took place when Stalin became this hyper-paranoid leader. Then it was routine for people and whole families to simply disappear in the night, never to be seen or heard from again — erased from existence. We are already seeing something like this in the treatment by the Chinese government of everything Islamic — their “re-education centers” look strikingly like concentration camps to Westerners.

The good news about totalitarian regimes is that they can impose strict control quickly, and this pays off in terms of controlling such things as pandemics or re-directing a national economy in an entirely different direction. Witness the miracle of the Chinese economy in the last two decades, which has brought so many Chinese out of dire poverty into clear prosperity, but at what cost to their personal freedom, one might ask?

If the current totalitarian regime were really smart, it would create some kind of democratic vehicle, if only to stay abreast of current popular sentiment, so that it might be in a position to ameliorate such sentiment if it were headed in a dangerous direction. The ancient Roman government was tightly controlled by its Senate, but the Romans were smart enough to give a voice to popular opinion through Tribunes. Will China emulate this practice at some point in this century? That would be wise and exhibit flexibility, and as we are taught in Taoism, flexible things last, while rigid things, inevitably, crack and crumble.

Hong Kong


People in their late 20s and 30s have been indoctrinated by our left-leaning universities but they don’t realize it. They are not used to debating both sides of an argument but prefer to just castigate anyone they don’t agree with. Self-righteous, they fall back on calling any opposition “hate speech,” just because it may contradict their ideological point of view.

When they get to their 40s and 50s and become the power brokers, that’s when the country will see real civil strife. The central part of the country and the South will revolt against their rigid, extremist views. That’s already happening but will reach critical mass when these leftist, college-educated people have greater influence. There’s already talk of a second civil war, which is kind of far fetched now, but perhaps not at some point in the future.

Public School Disasters

Democrat Smear Campaign

Just like the last time. Only this time they are smearing a woman. I doubt that the Dems will claim the nominee raped someone this time around, but you never know. Have to get more creative, I guess.

Whole thing just shows how nasty politics can get. You throw shit at your opponent and hope that some of it sticks — that’s politics. Republicans do it too.

If one expects anything different, you are living in La La Land.

They say there is no honor among thieves. What about politicians?

Smear Campaign

Bail Out

The Treasury and the Federal Reserve are bailing out virtually everyone, but who is going to bail them out?

The Treasury does this by taking on more government debt; while the Federal Reserve does this my magically creating money from simply expanding their balance sheet. In both cases, in other words, the money used to bail everyone out is created out of thin air. When this charade ends and this house of cards collapses, who is going to come to the rescue?

Public School Disasters

Climate Change Fools

According to the radicals rattling their cages about the dire consequences of CO2 buildup in the atmosphere, we should all vastly reduce our use of oil, natural gas and coal as the main culprits in this buildup. The radicals make the point that those individuals and corporations that are in favor of the continued use of these fossil fuels are science-deniers and don’t admit the inevitable dire consequences of their actions. The radicals think if only everyone was onboard with swopping out the use of fossil fuels for alterative energy sources, such as wind, solar, etc., then the issue of climate change would be successfully addressed, and we would avoid those dire consequences they foresee. In my opinion, this makes these radicals no better than climate change fools, with very simplistic, even childlike, notions concerning the nature of this problem.

The core issue the radicals are want to admit is that the use of these fossil fuels — oil, natural gas and coal — are at the very heart of our economic system. And it’s not as if they only benefit corporations involved in their exploitation. In fact, the very prosperity of everyone, including all of these radicals, is intimately connected with the use of these fossils fuels. Take them away and the standard of living of everyone, including the radicals, collapses to a level the world has never experienced. That’s the harsh reality of this problem.

I would even go so far as to say that the majority of individuals and corporations that advocate the continued use of fossil fuels are probably in agreement with the radicals and the science that says that the earth is warming at an alarming rate and there will be dire consequences. A majority of them are not science-deniers at all — they are simply people who realize that our very way of life and prosperity are hopelessly enmeshed with the use of fossil fuels.

Then there’s the argument that we should simply swop the more recent “clean” sources of energy for the devilish fossil fuels, but even a cursory review of the statistics shows how naive and simple-minded a notion this is. Wind, solar, etc. don’t produce anything like the quantity of energy required by the modern world economy, and based on the current statistics, never will, even with the most optimistic projections.

So the real problem with climate change is this: how do we mitigate the damage (excessive production of greenhouse gases) of fossil fuels without eliminating the use of fossil fuels (because our economy needs them, our prosperity and way of life depend upon them). No one has come up with the solution to this vexing conundrum — least of all the simple-minded but oh so self-righteous radicals.

Kiss the Ground

Doing Something About Our Cities