Gapstow Bridge and Plaza Hotel in Fog


Manhattan, A Photographer’s Journey by Henry Barnard

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Digital download of the JPEG file for this photograph.

If you buy this photograph, I will be sending you an email in a day or two with a link to its JPG file. You will then download the file into your computer in its Download or Picture folder or whichever folder you choose. You can use it on your PC as you will, just to look at now and then or as a screen saver after you configure your computer to use it as such. Up to you.


Ukraine Relations

Relations with the Ukraine should be less about Trump and more about various Bidens and their conflict of interest.

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White Nationalist, Not Supremacist

Nothing at all wrong for being a nationalist and wanting what’s best for one’s own country.  More people should be like that.

There’s also nothing at all wrong with being white or having a European ancestry.

But there’s everything wrong with thinking that whites are superior to any other ethnic group or are entitled to more privileges because of their ethnicity.

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Get a bunch of the baby red potatoes. Put in a pot and boil for a few minutes. Take out and cut each in half or smaller if the baby potato is large. You want pieces that don’t have a lot of potato on the inside. Keep the skins on. In a large bowl, put in the following ingredients: balsamic vinegar, large teaspoon of honey mustard, liquid aminos, apple cider vinegar, black pepper, rosemary, onion powder, 2 large teaspoons of almond flour (the secret ingredient to make the potato crispy). Stir the entire mixture well. Dump in all the potato fragments and tumble them with a large spoon so that everything gets well soaked. Put all the pieces on a large pan covered with parchment paper. Bake in the over at 400 degrees for 60 minutes — start testing at 50 minutes with a fork spearing one item to try it. Let them cool on top of the oven until lukewarm, and eat a dozen warm. Put the rest in a plastic container, put the container in the frig, and eat the potatoes cold the rest of the week. Add the cold pieces to various dishes for an added dimension.. I use mine in various bean salad concoctions. Many people use chili powder and/or paprika but I don’t like the taste personally. I am wondering about the various Indian herbs like turmeric or curry or cumin. I’ll try something like that next. Trial and error. That’s cooking.

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Growing Homeless Population

First in the West-coast cities but now everywhere, we have a growing homeless population, and a large percentage of the homeless are people with debilitating mental illness who are not in a position to help themselves.

I think it is time we rethink the hands-off policy toward the insane which has been in effect since the mentally ill were turned out of public asylums in the 80s in order to close down those asylums to save the cost.

We now see on city streets the cost of not having publicly supported asylums for the insane.   But are we going to do something about it — or just complain about having to step around the unsightly homeless?

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