Gapstow Bridge and Plaza Hotel in Fog


Manhattan, A Photographer’s Journey by Henry Barnard

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Digital download of the JPEG file for this photograph.

If you buy this photograph, I will be sending you an email in a day or two with a link to its JPG file. You will then download the file into your computer in its Download or Picture folder or whichever folder you choose. You can use it on your PC as you will, just to look at now and then or as a screen saver after you configure your computer to use it as such. Up to you.


A Lost Glove

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A lost glove on the ground,
Its pair equally at a loss somewhere,
Just as a long-lived partner,
Separated by death, soldiers on.

When your soul’s companion departs,
How do you answer when no one replies;
How do you spend time without the other;
How do you accept?

Alone on a solitary journey
Not by choice, but here am I…
Just a lost glove on the ground,
A lost glove, nothing more.

All Poetry — Henry Barnard

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Learn How To Breathe

Incorporate the practice of deep breathing in your life — where you inhale so much that it feels like your stomach is expanding as well as your lungs.

Deep breathing reduces stress and increases oxygen in the blood.  Both are significant health benefits.

But to do it on a regular basis requires DISCIPLINE.   Best to set aside a regular time during the day to do it as well as to pick events during the day that can trigger a deep breathing response — so that it becomes a standard daily activity.

When you are forced to wait, for instance, is an ideal time to practice deep breathing — at the checkout line in the supermarket or in your car during the commute, etc.

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Acid Attacks and No-Go Zones

The vast benefits of mass migration and multiculturalism — acid attacks in London, where they now have no-go zones.  Europe in general is under siege and prey to Islamic terrorists.  It is spiraling down toward chaos — don’t allow this to happen to America.

Build the wall.  Protect America from the unwashed hordes and from those who would do us harm.  Enforce immigration laws and stop coddling illegal immigrants.  Prosecute officials who promote sanctuary cities and states.

The nation has an absolute right to protect itself — assert that right.

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