The earth’s size relative to the size of the universe is not even equivalent to a single grain of sand compared to the size of the earth. We are not even a single grain of sand.


Small Changes Make a Millionaire

Make a small change for better health outcomes in your diet each day. Can be even a very tiny change, but is nevertheless a clear improvement health-wise. But do it every single day without fail. Use some kind of reminder in the morning in order to decide from the get-go what the small change will be for that day. If you miss a day, make 2 small changes the next day to catch up.

In 12 months, your overall diet will be transformed almost completely for vastly better health.

Like the age-old saying goes, “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. So it is with diet, also.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Oil Free


I’ve recently changed my strategy with nuts. All the health studies show that eating nuts with prudent quantity is very good for your health and may in fact stabilize your weight. Nuts are high in protein, good fats, and many minerals.

My take on nuts has been I wanted to eat a small quantify of walnuts each day, as walnuts are the one nut high with omega 3 fat, and indeed walnuts are a good choice if you eat but one type of nut.

But then I looked at the nutritional profile of walnuts compared to almonds, pecans, and Brazil nuts. What I discovered was that these other nuts can be very high in nutrients that are not so deep with walnuts. For instance, when compared to walnuts, almonds are exceedingly high in B2, B3, Vitamin E (exceptional), phosphorous, fiber, and comparatively low in fat. Pecans are high in B1, manganese (exceptional), and zinc (exceptional). And Brazil nuts are all-stars when it comes to selenium — a single Brazil nut gives you all the daily selenium you need.

So I decided to divide my daily nut quotient among not 1 nut, but these 4 nuts in order to have a more well-rounded nut nutrient profile than I had with the single walnut.

So now my daily quotient of nuts includes: 6 almonds, 5 walnut halves, 3 pecans halves, and 1 Brazil nut. That comes to 171 calories — same as before with only walnuts — but this diversification has much broader and therefore better nutrition.

Best Vegan Protein Sources

Stealth Invasion

NATO/US trying to carry out a stealth invasion of Russia with NATO’s relentless expansion eastward and this Ukraine fiasco. Historically, Europe attempted to conquer Russia twice and failed both times. So now this attempted political encirclement.

One wonder about Americans hanging the Ukrainian flag if they really understand what’s going on here?

Ultimately, it is just going to turn Russia toward China and India, and it will mean much higher energy and food costs for Europeans. And, of course, it is turning Russia into a hardened enemy of both Europe and the US — Russia, a country chock full of nuclear weapons.

US Foreign Policy