You have reached a certain level of understanding of nutrition when you have a real handle on knowing all about Butyrate. Until then, you are a lost sheep in the woods.

If you know about Butyrate, chances are good that you do understand leaky gut syndrome, which is another significant milestone on your nutrition self-knowledge journey.

Propionate is yet another serious milestone when you truly understand it.

Support Your Immune System

Nutritionally Intense (as in over the top) Chocolate Smoothie

To create the predominant taste:

Cacao powder (not its cousin cocoa, which you should avoid) – generous amount (the only ingredient in chocolate that has nutritional value). (Recommendation: Don’t eat chocolates or believe the hype that dark chocolates are healthy (they are full of unhealthy fats and refined sugar — yuck), but do consume cacao regularly (very intense antioxidants — put the powder into smoothies and the nibs into salads).

Ka’Chava Chocolate powder – generous amount (its ingredient list has amazing nutritional value, much of which comes from plant-based foods unique to South America that you just don’t see in US supermarkets).

Frozen blueberries (optional, as you may or may not like the chocolate/blueberry blended taste — I do).

KAL stevia to sweeten (zero calories, but plant-based sweetener).

Actual plant ingredients:

Entire baby bok choy.

Generous amount of mixed leafy greens (kale, spinach, etc.).

Optional: cruciferous vegetables either broccoli or cauliflower or both.

Additional ingredients, whose favors are all masked by the chocolate/blue/stevia blend above.




Red Beet crystals.




Wheatgrass (a very small amount, as this has a very foul taste).

Vega One powder for plant-based nutrition.

Super Greens.


Hemp (high in protein).


Mixed sprouted seeds (“good fats”).

Other ingredients:

Nutritional yeast.

Bee pollen.

Zinc pill (supports the immune system).

Kelp for some iodine.


Almond milk.

Chilled water.

Baby Potatoes

Baby Potatoes

Recipe for roasting baby potatoes in the oven:

Wash the potatoes with tap water.

Dry them on a cutting board.

In a large bowl, pour in liquid aminos (for some salt), balsamic vinegar, apple cider vinegar, and dollops of mustard.

Add almond flour to the mixture.

Cut the baby potatoes in half and place them in the bowl.

Tumble them around so that they are all saturated.

Sprinkle on garlic powder.

Sprinkle heavy doses of Dash Garlic and Herbs.

Place baby potatoes flat side down on parchment paper using a pizza pan.

While the baby potatoes are still wet, sprinkle on generous amounts of sesame seeds.

Pre-heat the oven to 450 degrees.

Place potatoes in the oven and cook for 45 minutes – or until the skins are crispy (from the almond flour).

Eat the baby potatoes the way they are or with smears of Gotham Greens Vegan Pesto.

Note: there is significant nutrition in the skin of a potato, particularly iron, so that eating mashed potatoes where the skin is tossed out significantly reduces the potato’s nutritional value, as in approximately cutting it in half.

Potatoes are a rich source of fiber, iron, vitamin C, and B-6.  Given their fiber content (which fiber passes through you but also feeds and promotes healthy gut bacteria) and low-fat content (so a volume of baby potatoes has comparatively few calories but makes you feel satiated), they are an excellent complex carbohydrate for losing weight.

Best Food for Weight Loss?

Best Food for Weight Loss?

The best food for weight loss has high fiber, high protein, and low fat. The fiber is good for weight loss because it passes through you undigested, but makes you feel satiated. The protein is good for weight loss because protein compounds tend to be much more complex than carbohydrate or fat compounds, and so the body has to spend more calories breaking down their more complex compounds. The low-fat aspect is the obvious one — fat has 9 calories per gram versus only 4 calories per gram for carbohydrates or protein, so foods that are low in fat tend also to be lower in calories.

Given these 3 characteristics of the best food for weight loss, what is the very best food for losing weight: BEANS. Beans are high fiber, high protein, and low fat. They are also the one food common to all 5 of the so-called Blue Zones.

Liquid Meals

Avoiding Nuclear War

The world glides silently toward nuclear war over Taiwan. The unthinkable has reality precisely because everyone dismisses it as unthinkable, yet China is adamant about Taiwan, as the US is adamant about its defense.

But nuclear war over Taiwan is not in anyone’s interest – not China’s or the US or Taiwan. It would mean the end of our civilization and a new dark-ages for mankind.

So what is to be done? How can this inevitable war and tragedy be avoided? The answer lies in the type of diplomacy exercised by the British over the control of Hong Kong — a gradual lending of hegemony to China as the dominant power over a number of years.

An administrative unit is set up over Taiwan that consists of 5 votes. Initially, 4 votes are controlled by Taiwanese and 1 vote by the Chinese. But, it is agreed at the onset, that at 10 years into this administration, the ratio changes to 3 Taiwanese to 2 Chinese, and after the 20th year, the final tally is 2 votes Taiwanese to 3 Chinese. China assumes majority control, yet the Taiwanese retain some degree of influence over their own government.

And the world avoids Armageddon, which today is inevitable if nothing is done to avoid it.

That is called diplomacy, an art rarely practiced but desperately needed.


They Are Nuts

The thing about the climate-change radicals is they want to do away with fossil fuels without having any viable substitute. Wind and solar will never be viable as a replacement — they don’t produce anywhere near enough, and there are issues with adequate battery storage of what they do produce. Nuclear could be such a substitute, and the Chinese have come up with a safer nuclear technology to boot, but after what happened in Japan, no one wants to touch the nuclear option.

A more sensible climate-change strategy would be to focus on carbon extraction, not fossil fuel suppression. We need fossil fuels to drive our economy…and our prosperity.



Country will turn back to Trump because of the stagflation and poor leadership from the Dems. Inflation combined with tax hikes across the board are going to sour a lot of Americans on this administration. Welcome back to the Carter years with dependence on foreign oil and huge jumps in the price at the pump. How long will the public tolerate this? Not long, I believe.