Seems to be escalating rhetoric over the issue of China taking over Taiwan — escalating rhetoric on both sides, including some war talk coming out of Australia.

What makes this situation different now is that China may calculate the Biden administration is a paper tiger, and that calculation might induce them to act. They wouldn’t have make that assumption with Trump.

What a black swan an invasion of Taiwan would be, despite the issue being a real one now for decades! The “surprise” that everyone saw coming — eventually.

If there were an invasion of Taiwan by China, what would that circumstance induce North Korea to do?



Current government in Washington is an embarrassment, particularly in regard to inept foreign policy. Whatever they do is based on ideology, not reason. It is often counterproductive, producing the opposite of what was intended. Witness their war on fossil fuels because of their climate-change ideology. It’s making fossil fuels more valuable as in pricier, not less.

Free Trade Isn’t Free

Diverse Meals That Look Alike

Every meal I make looks identical. On top is a thick layer of leaf greens diced finely and sprinkled with real lemon juice. So what you see is this mound of green. Every dish the same. Because, from a nutritional point of view, those leafy greens are the all stars. They are in a different league than anything else. You do yourself a disservice not to include them in every meal…and in some quantity.

Which Camp?