Death of Facebook

Facebook has caved to government pressure over the Russian thing, and now apes the “Liberal” media that wants to shackle free speech as per the idea that hate speech — what they consider hate speech — must be suppressed.  Of course this is miles from real Liberalism that fully backs the 1st Amendment, and abhors any restrictions at all on freedom of speech.

The fake Liberals today don’t really get the sheer beauty of total free speech from the two very mutually exclusive advantages that free speech provides the public: 1) it provides a forum where compelling minority opinions that at first may not hold sway do gain wider endorsement from how compelling and rational their arguments turn out to be, and 2) free speech provides a forum where really despicable ideas are aired publicly and therefore exposed to the light of day, so that they can become the subject of analysis and ultimately be rejected — versus remaining concealed from public view, simmering, and dangerous.

Real old-time Liberals understood all of this.  Now, not even the ACLU does.  Ours could the era when our precious, 1st Amendment free-speech rights are undermined — not by the Right, but by the Left.  Who would have thunk it!!

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Civil War II

The not so latent civil war in the US is going to come to a boil in the 2020 election year.  It will be interesting to see how radical and unhinged the Democrats become.  The younger members of the party have no real experience with ideologies like socialism, and have an entitlement mindset to boot, so it is entirely possible the party lurches far to the left into la la land — some people think they already have.

In contrast to that, the middle-section and conservative part of the country has really consolidated around Trump on various issues including borders/immigration, 2nd Amendment rights, nationalism, abortion, the deep state, etc.

So we will see the latent civil war become ever so overt next year.  I wonder whether the chaos in the streets will approach the 1968 levels?

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Atlanta, Ga.

An amazing and vibrant city with new development all over the place.  The Beltline walkway has obviously spurred much of this growth.  New apartment building everywhere, probably because of the large college student population but also all the Yuppies.

There’s a very convenient subway system (MARTA) that can reach 7 miles in any direction.  A perhaps unique aspect of the city is that you have many residential communities that come right up to the edge of the central part of the city, certainly within walking distance of what they call Midtown.

Downside: there are many unemployed backs in the streets and some tent cities underneath highway bridges and subway overpasses — a clear subclass of homeless. There are some very aggressive black panhandlers off the side streets in the Downtown area.

Quite the contrast between the rich with their million dollar high-rise apartments and this segment of the population that is dispossessed, not to mention the contrast between the many urbane black professionals you see in the city and those idle blacks in the streets with nothing to do, who are restive if not desperate.

Nevertheless, given how dynamic this city is, if I had been in charge of the Amazon decision where to locate, it wouldn’t have been a difficult choice.

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Character Assassination

The Left goes after anyone they disagree with by calling them a Nazi or a racist or Right Wing — or all of the above.  The tactic has become very obvious.  And of course this includes the media — in fact, the media is a driving force behind this baleful tactic, not to mention academia as well.

But the truth is there are relatively few American Nazis, and they are held in contempt as a lunatic fringe by the general public.  Also, the number of actual racists in the country is also relatively small — certainly nothing compared to the number of racists in the 50s and early 60s.  In fact, the overwhelming majority of sane Americans readily see the justice of equal opportunity for all races, so the use of the racist slur by the Left is particularly lame.

Then there is the slur that with your contrarian and conservative views, you are actually a member of the Right Wing.  The myriad people the Left associates with the so-called Right Wing is in fact growing by leaps and bounds — witness the #walkaway movement. But their “crime” isn’t that these contrarians are far right of center, but that their thinking contradicts some of the more lunatic ideological ideas of the Left taken to extremes.

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