Hope is a welcome breakfast but a meager dinner.

How Do You Do It?

5-Day Fast

Completed my first 72 hour fast today. Hunger wasn’t the issue. It was fatigue. Felt fatigue in both my legs and arms. But I do Joel Fuhrman GBOMBS diet with high carbs from complex carbs and whole foods with lots of vegetables and fruit — 200 to 300 grams of carbs a day. So when glycogen/glucose go through the floor, I feel it. My goal is to be able to do two 5-day fasts per year, for the autophagy benefits. Getting there with these baby steps.

Keto or Not Keto?

Hardening of the Arteries

Now they think that the blood cholesterol is not harmful unless it is affected by inflammation. What appears to happen is oxidative stress produces free radical overflow that can change the blood cholesterol from this elongated shape into a shorter and stickier shape, and it is this altered cholesterol that sticks to the artery wall.

LDL cholesterol is a necessary compound for the body. Among other things, it is in all your skin cells, and it is the compound that is turned into Vitamin D with sun exposure. But, nevertheless, I would argue that having excessive blood cholesterol sets the stage for hardening of the arteries from plague (the smaller, stickier LDL) buildup to happen should there be inflammation.

Health — No Accident

Keto or Not Keto?

 I do 20:4 5 days a week on a vegan plant-based, complex carb diet where the average carbs is around 240 grams and the average calories is 2100. But on 2 days a week, I do a vegan Keto diet (just 800 calories) where the net carbs is only 10 grams, so that the subsequent fasting periods for those two days kicks in the ketosis much sooner because of the low carbs digested. I also do one 48 hour fast every month. That 48 hour fast has the 2 Keto days on each side of it. I put all my meals into cronometer.com. It is clear to me from cronometer, comparing the high complex carb diet to the Keto diet that the former has much more nutrition. But I do use Keto on those 2 days to boost ketosis. People who do Keto 7 days a week get their ketosis from Keto, but I get mine from intermittent fasting boosted by Keto — there’s a significant difference there. Personally, I don’t think the Keto diet is a very healthy one.

Health — No Accident

Health — No Accident

Health isn’t an accident, it is a choice. You make choices when it comes to nutrition, exercise, rest/sleep, etc. Make the right choices and you get health. If you make the wrong choices, then…

The person who smoked since their teenage years and died prematurely from lung cancer made the wrong choice. It was no accident, it was not fate, it was not in his genes. That person did it to himself.

If you eat a diet low in fiber, you will have intestinal issues and probably leaky gut, which leads to all the autoimmune disorders.

If you eat a diet high in meat and dairy, you are more likely to have heart disease, cancer, and intestinal issues.

If you eat a diet high in saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, you are more likely to have heart disease.

If you eat a lot of refined sugar, refined flour, and processed foods, you are like to have significant weight gain, insulin resistance, and ultimately diabetes.

If you don’t discipline yourself and get regular exercise, you will subject yourself to all the major diseases.

If you don’t get regular and deep sleep, you are not allowing the body to repair itself, and you will suffer the consequences.

All of the above are choices. Make the right ones, not the wrong ones, for the sake of better health. It’s your choice.



I started to drink tea in earnest about 1 year ago — for the first time in my life.  Went through dozens of different teas to find the 3 I’ve settled on for now — Traditional Medicines Organic Hibiscus — interesting berry like taste, Gaia Herbs Liver Cleanse Herbal Tea (Licorice root, Dandelion & Peppermint) — my favorite taste wise, and Whole Foods Organic Lemongrass Bergamot Green Tea — very nice refreshing taste but both the Bergamot ingredient and the green tea have spectacular health benefits.   I would recommend this Whole Foods green tea to anyone because of the Bergamot.  

I don’t like tea without adding the Stevia for the sweetness.  My teas have to be sweet for me to enjoy them.  Without the Stevia, I wouldn’t like any of these teas.  But the rub on Stevia is that there is one recent study that using Stevia, particularly in excess, may damage the gut bacteria in the large intestines, although there are earlier studies that say it is harmless.  So who do you believe?

I’ve found that drinking a cup of tea is a good way to deal with sudden hunger if you want to avoid eating, so it can help with intermittent fasting. particularly at the end of one’s feeding period when it is so easy to go overboard with food.  Drink tea instead and the hunger may well pass.



I was watching a video of Canelo in the gym punching the heavy bag. He was concentrating on heavy-hitting hooks to the body, with both hands. Really trying to hit the bag as hard as he could. Punch after punch.

What he wants to do with that body punch is plant his feet and get maximum leverage in a hook to the kidney area. That is his power punch (reminds me of Micky Ward). It is Canelo’s game winner.

But it is also his maximum vulnerability because when he plants his feet to throw the body punch, that’s when he is most stationary and vulnerable, as his focus is on hitting his opponent’s kidney area, not on his own defense, particularly with regard to a counterpunch head shot from the opponent.

Can You Take It?