Watercress Smoothie

Watercress from the supermarket (comes with the roots still in a clump of dirt — how fresh is that!); 20 oz. of cold filtered water; 1 banana; 2 large cups of Ka’Chava; frozen organic blueberries; large spoonful of organic almond butter.

To your health!

Remember the Popeye cartoons when Popeye would eat the spinach, and then you would see the power ripple go up and down his body?


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Victorian Architecture

Bought a book on Victorian architecture in the used book store the other day.  So interesting to put a name to architectural features.

The Victorians were very big on ornamentation, even bold decoration, to the point of pure whimsy (the circular tower structure with a “witch’s cap” on top, for instance).  Their architecture, therefore, has so much more character than the utilitarian, 20th-century architecture that superseded it.

Do you know what a finial is?  A bay window?  Everyone know what a cornice is, no?

Three types of architecture worth exploring, in my opinion: Victorian, Queen Anne, and Gingerbread.

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