Cholesterol-Free Scrambled Eggs

The entire container of Trader Joe’s Liquid Range-Free Egg Whites (250 calories) — put it into a blender with a generous amount of nutritional yeast (that appealing eggy taste) and some black salt (that foul eggy smell). Large assortment of leafy greens (Kale, Spinach, etc.) diced to very small sizes. Steam a wide assortment of mixed vegetables. Chives.

Start with one large diced sweet onion in a heated pan until it starts to brown, then add diced garlic, and then some vegetable broth or avocado oil spray to prevent sticking. Once that onion/garlic combination has cooked sufficiently, add the egg whites and stir occasionally as it solidifies. As it comes close to being fully cooked, add the leafy greens and the chives, and mix them in well. Just before you finish cooking, add all the vegetables and mix well.

Eat it with Ezekiel Sesame toasted bread with a generous coating of clover honey.

Cinnamon Lovers


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