How To Eat

Begin the biggest meal of the day the same way. First, eat what I call a walnut blast. 10 half shell walnuts. The fat in walnuts will make the rest of the meal more digestible, i.e., more available to the body. Plus, walnuts are the only nut with high levels of omega-3 fats. And eating such a high-fat, satiating food will dampen your appetite so that you will end up eating fewer calories. Also, eating such a high-fat food first will mean that the insulin spike from the carbohydrates in the whole meal that follows will be reduced.

Second, 5 minutes later, eat 2 stocks of broccoli. Chew the broccoli very well so that sulforaphane is formed in the mouth. The broccoli has anti-cancer properties, among other benefits. And the fat from the walnuts will make nutrition from the broccoli much more available.

Do this every day without fail.

48-Hour-Fast Strategy

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