48-Hour-Fast Strategy

This is my 48-hour-fast strategy to boost autophagy. The day before you don’t eat anything have a very low amount of both carbohydrates and proteins (no more than 10 grams for each). Then comes the day without food. The following day, do the same thing with carbohydrates and proteins — no more than 10 grams each.

The average male needs 56 grams of protein for basic metabolic functions. Over the course of the above 3 days, you’ve have supplied only 20 grams of protein when the body has required 168 grams. So the body will have had to scavenge for 148 grams of protein — that’s what boosts autophagy.

That you have only digested 20 grams of carbohydrates means that you will stay in ketosis. Exiting ketosis would halt autophagy — the opposite of what you want to have happen.

Use cronometer.com to come up with what you can eat to reduce carbohydrates and proteins to this extent. As an “almost vegan”, I use avocado, walnuts, pecans, brazil nut, and olives.

Caveat: On that third day, given the fact that you have eaten so little carbohydrates and so your glycogen stores are now running very low, you will feel fatigue in your arms and legs. You won’t get to restore the glycogen until the fourth day, but that meal is something to really look forward to.

What this strategy does for you are multiple things. First, on the very first day, given the fact that you have had only 10 grams of carbohydrates and protein, you will get into ketosis and autophagy sooner on that very first day — not just the second, food-less day — and second, given the fact that you do the same thing on the third day, just 10 grams of carbohydrates and protein, there will be continued ketosis and autophagy into the fourth day.

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