Bread Again

I’ve been frustrated with commercially available bread, as I’ve wanted to move away from eating wheat and breads loaded with sugar). Not so much because of the glutan, but because wheat has been so modified in the last 100 years that it is the classic hybrid food (or said another way, is it food at all?). But if you look at commercially available breads, even those that call themselves “Rye Bread” or “Oat Bread” or whatever, the first and therefore biggest ingredient is always wheat. So who are they kidding? So I decided to try to make my own bread and nix the wheat. Ordered a bunch of different flours from Amazon, including walnut flour. But then, wouldn’t you know it, I discovered a commercially available bread that in fact does NOT include wheat and has zero sugar — even has some flaxseed and iodine (guess I’ll be making muffins with all that Amazon flour). This one:

Wheatless Bread

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