US Sanctions Against Russia

They should drop the sanctions against Russia. The sanctions are going to hurt the West a lot more than they hurt Russia. Europe needs natural gas and foodstuffs from Russia. Europe needs Russia a lot more than Russia needs Europe because Russia can sell to China and India what they don’t sell to Europe. And Putin just declared that from now on, all sales in oil and natural gas will be in the ruble, not the dollar. So are we seeing the end of the petrodollar regime because of these sanctions? And I’m not even mentioning the gigantic inflationary impact that the sanctions have caused on oil and natural gas, which has a ripple effect on so many other products — so runaway inflation. And guess what, these sanctions antagonize the Russian population and so make them anti-American and even more supportive of Putin.

So, bottom line, these sanctions represent more stupid diplomacy by the US. How to shoot yourself in both feet with a single bullet — that’s US diplomacy.

Absence of Diplomacy

2 thoughts on “US Sanctions Against Russia

    1. I’m of the opinion that the expansion of NATO to the east has been reckless and has caused Russia to take the action they have taken with regard to Ukraine. The Russians don’t want to see American missiles in Ukraine. This situation is their Cuban missile crisis.


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