Rice/Bean Recipe for Nutrition

Packet of Organic Seven Whole Grains from Seeds of Change cooked in 365 Tomato Sauce. Can of Organic Black Beans by Westbrae cooked with 1 onion. Boil mixed vegetables (peas, green beans, carot) and lima beans. Layer all the foods with the grains on the bottom, followed by the black beans, then the vegetables on top. Dice up Olivia’s Organic Spring Mix leafy greens into very small pieces, and place this mound of leafy greens on top. Spring the leafy greens with real lemon juice. (All my meals have this same look with a mound of finely diced leafy greens covering what’s underneath — because those leafy greens are the most nutritious food on the planet.)

I just love that blend of the taste of tomato with lemon. But this is a very hearty meal that’s actually very low in fat but very high in nutrition and fiber — ideal.

Recommend that instead of blindly following other people’s recipes (including this one), you come up with your own where nutrition density is just as important as — perhaps even more important than — taste. As opposed to most recipes out there where taste is the principal goal and nutrition is hardly even considered.

I think the way most people come up with recipes is all wrong. People find them and then do them exactly as stated. Instead, I think people should use a bottom-up approach. First begin by identifying the particular tastes that you personally enjoy. Let’s say you identify 10 different tastes in your initial list. This is where you should begin putting together a particular recipe — by selecting foods that align with these particular tastes. As per the above example, I particularly like the taste of cooked tomato, and I also like the taste of lemon juice. So it becomes almost inevitable that the above recipe will work very well for me because it emphasizes this tomato/lemon combination.

What are your 10 favorite tastes? Do you even know self-consciously — and so constructively — what they are?


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