Saturated Fat

The great dividing line in nutrition is over the issue of saturated fat. There are those who think it is causal and highly correlated to heart disease, and should be avoided or minimized to the extent possible in order to keep one’s ticker going along smoothly. And there are those on the other side of that dividing line who think this assertion is nonsense, and saturated fat is no more harmful than any other fat. Where you align yourself on this critical issue has a major impact on the type of diet you carve out as prudent relative to your health.

There is no question that I align myself with the former point of view, and go to great length to see that I consume as little of this dreaded substance as possible. So far, I haven’t had any heart issues at all, and think my dietary choices may be responsible.

It is interesting to me and perfectly understandable that Beyond Meat goes out of its way to emphasize their products have seriously less saturated fat than actual meat, and that their goal is to minimize saturated fat to the extent possible, which tells you which side of the dividing line they are on.


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