Presexual Agreement

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It is common now for the very wealthy to enter into marriages with a prenuptial agreement in order to protect the party who is extremely wealthy from being bilked by a would-be gold digger.  Given the fact that everyone knows how vicious and extremely  expensive divorce can be, prenuptial agreements would appear to be a very rational arrangement.

Today we have the so-called “Me Too Movement” where women who have been victimized by some kind of sexual transgression are coming forward and identifying the man who victimized them.  This is all to the good versus what happened in the old days where the victimized woman would just stay mum for a variety of questionable reasons — she felt she wouldn’t be believed, she didn’t want the blowback, she didn’t want the embarrassment of being victimized, she didn’t want the ordeal of a trial, etc.

But has the pendulum swung too…

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