Government and Food

What’s disappointing is how little government interferes with these practices of loading processed foods with sugar, salt, and oil.  The food industry can do just about anything it wants to do, and you don’t hear a peep from government.  Government not exactly looking out for our interests.  And if it is not doing that, what good is it?

Actually, it might even be worse with regard to government and food.  I read recently that our government is subsidizing high fructose corn syrup.  Think about that.  We have an epidemic of diabetes, and yet the government is subsidizing HFCS!!!

My Story


Rather than sanctions, the United States should consider taking the humanitarian high road and provide Venezuela, a country on the precipice of actual starvation, with food — with no strings attached.  Frankly, we do humanitarian a lot better than we do military.  Wouldn’t it be a nice change of pace if the rest of the world actually respected something we did abroad?  And the farmers in the United States wouldn’t mind a bit if the government bought some of what they have to offer.  We could simply tell the world that, while we don’t agree with the politics of the current regime in Venezuela, we refuse to see people starve in the Western Hemisphere.

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