If you look up the demographics of Crimea, you’ll discover that 65.3% of the population is Russian and only 15.7% Ukrainian (based on the 2014 census) — those are the facts.  Russians outnumber Ukrainians over 4 to 1.  Yet the Russia-bating press in the US keeps calling the referendum held in the Crimea, which voted overwhelmingly to rejoin Russia, illegitimate and somehow manipulated.  Actually, given the demographics, it is hard to see how the referendum could have produced any other result.

Furthermore, that Crimea and the Ukraine were ever joined in the first place does not have much history behind it.  It was an afterthought of Khrushchev that stuck the two areas together (originally the Soviets had the Crimea as a separate entity).  On the other hand, there is a lot of history tying the Crimea to Russia, going back to 1783 when the Ottoman Empire ceded it to Russia, that is, roughly 150 years ago (i.e., just a few years after the United States itself became a country in 1776).

Based on the current demographics of Crimea, with a huge Russian majority as stated above, it would actually be undemocratic if Crimea remained a part of the Ukraine instead of rejoining Russia. But the US media would have us believe this Crimea situation was nothing more than outrageous Russian “aggression”.  I disagree.  What it tells me is that because of the anti-Russia hysteria in the US, the US cannot bring itself to recognize a democratic process (the Crimea referendum) when it sees one.

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