Financial Chicanery?

Will this chicanery of the Federal Reserve end badly? They are doing what they used to tell banana republics not to do — trying to dig yourself out of a financial hole by printing money. It worked 10 years ago, but will it work this time, on a much bigger scale? If the markets ever begin to doubt it, then all hell breaks loose. It’s a credibility game. Belief can crumble quickly — virtually overnight.  One day you have total faith in them, the next none.

Worse Case Scenario

Stock Market Collapse?

Bale Out Nation

The negative side to all the various bale outs by the Federal Reserve and the government: more crony capitalism where weak companies that should fail and just disappear are kept alive. Why there has been such poor growth in the last 10 years — all these zombie companies that are unproductive. Bale out nation — that’s how you undermine capitalism. Assets are spent on unproductive companies.

Federal Reserve Takes Action

Federal Reserve Takes Action

Pretty blatant market control by the Federal Reserve. Will be interesting to see if their market manipulation works and prevents a collapse. Their 2.3 trillion this morning reversed the futures from negative to strong positive. 2787 is a 50% retracement from the lows. If it gets as far as 2850, the bullish case takes over. Otherwise, it’s a bear trap. If it starts to fall again, the next leg down is going to be truly terrible, as this rally is all based on funny money from the Federal Reserve — it worked in 2008/9, will it work again? Earnings start on Tuesday with JPM. Not surprising the Fed sprang another 2.3 trillion this morning as unemployment went up another 6.6 million people in just a week. It’s really no long about coronavirus, as the plateaus are in for the virus — it’s about the economic devastation that it will bring now and for the next 5 months minimum. The unemployment rate may get to 20%. That’s what the Fed is reacting to.

Economic Recovery?