How To Binge Eat

Do you find that you eat way too much on the weekends or, now and then, just go overboard with too much food? You are not alone.

But there is an effective way to deal with this kind of occasional binge eating, which I’m afraid most of us humans are guilty of. That way is to have planned calorie deficit days each week (planned as in specific days of the week). Right now, I have 3 calorie deficit days each week, so when I overeat on the weekends, it doesn’t matter.

One calorie deficit day is just a few hundred calories below what I typically eat (2100 calories). The second is double that but not that severe really. But the third calorie deficit is a serious drop — half of what I normally eat.

With 3 planned calorie deficit days each week, I don’t have to be that concerned with the occasional binge. Actually, without the occasional binge, I would lose too much weight.

So I can enjoy my binge and eat cake, too — sort of speak (I don’t eat processed foods like cake).



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