Nuclear Umbrella

Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. But is that a good choice for their citizens, their populations? Under the current agreement with Russia, both countries enjoy a nuclear umbrella — in the event of nuclear war, their populations will not be decimated by nuclear bombs and/or the subsequent radiation.

But in joining NATO, that nuclear umbrella goes away. So does joining NATO make the people of Finland and Sweden safer? Unaligned, the two countries are under no threat of being attacked by Russia, but in joining NATO, both countries are now part of the nuclear confrontation between US/NATO versus Russia, and so, as a consequence, both countries would face annihilation in the event of nuclear war.

It would seem that joining NATO has very little gain for either country and potentially everything to lose. Under such circumstances, one has to wonder about the rationality of their political leadership in making such a questionable decision to join NATO. It does not appear to be a very rational choice.


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