House Divided Cannot Stand

Taking a cue from Abraham, we can see the only solution to civil war in Ukraine is to divide the country along ethnic lines — ethnic Ukrainians and ethnic Russians — and create two separate countries. Nothing else will avoid inevitable civil war, as the ethnic Ukrainians hate the ethnic Russians living in the current version of Ukraine.

Should Russia take over Ukraine, which I think is likely, this scenario poses a bit of a problem for them. If they create two separate countries, the country with consolidated Ukrainians will no doubt have tremendous animosity toward Russia. So would Russia create such a country, knowing that the new Ukraine will be an arch enemy?

What Russia will probably do is minimize the size of this new and much reduced Ukraine (possibly ceding parts of western Ukraine to Poland and Hungry), and come up with some kind of mechanism to prevent this small shell of a country from considering entry into the EU or NATO in the future — the main Russian objective in all of this recent history.

American Hatred of Russia

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