Keto Madness

The Keto diet does allow one to lose weight and to deal with Type 2 Diabetes, largely through the benefits of ketosis, but this diet has serious consequences relative to heart disease due to the high levels of saturated fat and so higher levels of cholesterol. And the amount of fat in the blood vessels gets to dangerous levels.

The other risk factor with Keto is that a diet with heavy meat consumption — they know — stimulates a growth hormone that is better left unstimulated in fully grown adults. The reason is that this hormone when stimulated, unfortunately, facilitates tumor growth. So one must keep in mind the equation animal protein equals higher growth hormone equals potential tumor growth.

So you will lose weight and deal with your diabetes with Keto, but you risk both heart disease and cancer.

But why even go down this hazardous road? You can instead get all the benefits from ketosis with intermittent fasting, but on a plant-based, whole-foods diet, you have no heart disease risk. And guess what, plant protein doesn’t stimulate the growth hormone, so no associated cancer risk either.

Therefore, relative to both heart disease and cancer, the latter diet with intermittent fasting is the healthier choice, not Keto madness.


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