Nutritionally Intense (as in over the top) Chocolate Smoothie

To create the predominant taste:

Cacao powder (not its cousin cocoa, which you should avoid) – generous amount (the only ingredient in chocolate that has nutritional value). (Recommendation: Don’t eat chocolates or believe the hype that dark chocolates are healthy (they are full of unhealthy fats and refined sugar — yuck), but do consume cacao regularly (very intense antioxidants — put the powder into smoothies and the nibs into salads).

Ka’Chava Chocolate powder – generous amount (its ingredient list has amazing nutritional value, much of which comes from plant-based foods unique to South America that you just don’t see in US supermarkets).

Frozen blueberries (optional, as you may or may not like the chocolate/blueberry blended taste — I do).

KAL stevia to sweeten (zero calories, but plant-based sweetener).

Actual plant ingredients:

Entire baby bok choy.

Generous amount of mixed leafy greens (kale, spinach, etc.).

Optional: cruciferous vegetables either broccoli or cauliflower or both.

Additional ingredients, whose favors are all masked by the chocolate/blue/stevia blend above.




Red Beet crystals.




Wheatgrass (a very small amount, as this has a very foul taste).

Vega One powder for plant-based nutrition.

Super Greens.


Hemp (high in protein).


Mixed sprouted seeds (“good fats”).

Other ingredients:

Nutritional yeast.

Bee pollen.

Zinc pill (supports the immune system).

Kelp for some iodine.


Almond milk.

Chilled water.

Baby Potatoes

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