I Don’t Think So

I don’t think there is systemic racism.

I don’t believe white people are evil.

I don’t think people younger than 60 should refrain from going back to work.

I don’t think we should suppress the use of fossil fuels and ruin our economy.

I don’t think the Chinese government is benign.

I don’t think Russia is the bogeyman.

I don’t think suppressing “hate speech” is a better or viable substitute for freedom of speech and the 1st Amendment.

I don’t think groupthink is better than individualism.

I don’t think open borders is a good idea.

I don’t think you accept immigrants as citizens without vetting them for criminal behavior, infectious diseases, and terrorism.

I don’t think this last presidential election was honest and above board.

I don’t think over half the country supports this new administration in Washington, but that a sizeable portion of the country sees this recent presidential election as a fraud.

I don’t think your vote matters anywhere near as much as who counts the votes.

I don’t think a majority of conservatives in the American public agrees with the goals propagated by the Left and the universities.

I don’t think Biden’s son’s influence-peddling was anything other than graft.

I don’t think the liberal press is anything other than distorted ideology.

I don’t think you impeach a former president after he leaves office.

I don’t think you impeach a former president because of a popular demonstration protesting a rigged election.

I don’t think all the money printing by the Federal Reserve is going to end well.

I don’t think our fiat currency in dollars has much value anymore.

I don’t think government by massive deficit spending is viable long term.

I don’t think our current economy is anything other than crony capitalism, thanks to the money-printing Federal Reserve as well as bale outs by the government.

I don’t think socialism is a viable economic system or produces any real value.

I don’t think the anti-business Biden administration is going to tackle the dismal unemployment situation and restore the economy.

I don’t think raising the minimum wage across the entire country is going to help create jobs — I think it will do the opposite, as employers reduce staff to compensate, particularly in states with a lower cost of living.

I don’t think the future is going to be bright.

I don’t think life in the US is going to be peaceful in the future.


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